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Wakfu Beta Client (Bwork Server) - Using a Subscribed Steam account

By howieD November 10, 2014, 18:09:53

I downloaded the Wakfu Beta Client to test out the future content, but I can not log into the server because my subscribed Wakfu account is on Steam. That is the problem because Wakfu Steam users do not have a login/password for the standalone client.

Will you be allowing Steam users to have access to the Beta Server any time soon?

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The trick here is to launch the beta from Steam as if it were the release version of Wakfu.

What I did…

I made a copy of the existing Wakfu installation.

In the copy, I edited game/wakfu.ici and transition.conf, replacing [code] = "wakfu"[/code] with [code] = "wakfu-beta"[/code]. (I think that only one of these needs to be edited, though.)

I then ran transition/transition and let it download the beta version. This took a while.

Official beta installer – it should be possible to use that instead – unpack the tarball then run WakfuBeta/WakfuBeta and let it do the downloading.

In the original (release) installation, I renamed transition/transition to transition/transition.bin, then created a small shell script and saved it as transition/transition (remember to “chmod +x” it):
[blockquote][code]#! /bin/sh
if zenity --question --text='Launch release version of Wakfu? (No = beta)'; then
exec "$(dirname "$0")"/transition.bin "[email protected]"
cd ~/WakfuBeta && exec transition/transition "[email protected]"
echo 'Failed!'
exit 2[/code][/blockquote]
Obviously, you'll need to replace ~/WakfuBeta with whatever you've used (WakfuBeta happens to be what the beta installer uses). Also, I'm using zenity since that happens to be installed. You may need something else.

(I also created a second copy of that script; it will be overwritten when there's an update via Steam. When that happens, you'll again need to rename transition/transition and restore the shell script.)

Mac users may need to make small adjustments; Windows users will need to make larger adjustments. Unfortunately, I can't help with either.

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