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Srambad Bugs

By ms-qina July 10, 2014, 02:35:43

Summoner Osamodas- I summoned a Longuelames at Srambad in a fight against 2 Bulldague Nain then buffed my summon. My summon got buffed, the dogs got injured, but my summon whipped me like how it does in a normal fight against one with the dogs. Its not an issue with the Osa specialty, prespic hair. Ive never had an issue with summons reflecting/hitting back before.

Srambad Challenges- The challenge where you beat a designated enemy first or last (in this case last). When the Longuelames goes invisible, the target above their head stays visible. Not that Im complaining about that, but.

Srambad Challenges- Fought the Disciple of Raval, he dropped a castle key (forfut dungeon key).

IGN Viyel-Chan

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