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Paypal not accepted

By Kubera-Leez June 10, 2014, 20:28:41
When i try to buy something with paypal on one of my two accounts (this one and Lysius-Canis) i get the following message:

For security reasons, your Paypal payment ca not be accepted.
Please, choose another payment method.
For more information on this matter, you can contact our Customer support :Click here

I have already submitted a ticket on the official support website but have not recieved an answer for several weeks ( Ticket ID: #1084352). Meanwhile my subscriptions are slowly running out and i am missing events and flashsales left and right.

I have used my paypal account to buy subscritions and ogrines since the very beginning when i started playing wakfu a few years back. I have never once recalled any transaction and no transaction ever failed, every purchase went smoothly and succeeded instantaneously as far as i noticed.
I have no idea why my paypal account is suddenly considered to be "suspicious" and i would really like to resolve this issue as quickly as possible and clear up any misunderstanding that might have occured.
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Having this issue as well on two accounts, support ignored ticket.

Ticket ID: # 1089381
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Please fix Paypal payment method. Still "unavailable".
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