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This is getting ridiculous. Give me back my 20$ or give me what I payed for.

By Thermal - MEMBER - March 20, 2014, 13:30:30

I still haven't received the items I purchased from the boutique before the rollback. I understand tickets usually take 2 years to respond to but I think since me and others lost real $ because of the rollback they should take priority.

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Yes! Although I haven't suffered any issues with the Boutique, I do pay for the game and have had some issues there. The point is: if you spend real money on something, you should be compensated your cash or the product you purchase.

They took your money, and if they don't provide the product in return...

Of course, I'm not saying Ankama is stealing from its players, I'm just saying it'd be nice to have issues regarding real cash resolved in a more timely manner.

After all, you saw how fast Ankama was to shut down the server when they found their players were duping. I guess it's one thing when the players receive something for nothing, but it's another when the roles are reversed.

Too bad we do not have the option to shut down anything when our money (or in my case, in-game items) are duped.

Hope you get your issue resolved!  

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Thanks! I definitely thought i'd get this resolved within the first 24 hours when it happened but I still haven't gotten what I payed for which is kinda bumming me out because I bought 2 tofus with the Ogrines and they could be level 2 by now.

Really? Still nothing? Do they even have a support staff?

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