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Support Service: Report Your Ticket Here

By $[Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - January 09, 2014, 07:17:17

Hi everyone,

I would like to make sure that we keep you updated on our current support service.

As you have noticed we have experienced delays in the response time of your tickets, which we want to apologize for and we are very much agreeing with you that it is not a positive situation for anyone needing help from our support service.

But I can inform you that we are currently and will be recruiting even more new members of the support service, some of them being already in training as we speak.

Although while I have been receiving many Ankabox messages as well as new threads which have been posted in many different forums, they should all received the same amount of attention and it feels like they haven't enough.

Therefore I would like to offer you a better temporary system that will make things much easier for all of us while we are working on improving our services.

I would like for you to reply to this thread (if your ticket hasn't been answered over a 3 days period) by sharing the necessary information which will be forwarded to our support service team for quick reply. Now I will update each reply with a note allowing you to see their status, such has [Pending], [Completed]. My pledge to you will be to keep a watchful eye on your posts and to update them accordingly.

You will still need to file a ticket when you are running through issues if you haven't already and that can be done at:

Information needed:

  • Ticket number:
  • Issue type (account, technical, lost items, payment issues, etc...):

*Please do not share any account information on this thread or discuss any account violations as only the information above is needed.
First Ankama intervention

Hi guys,

This thread has been updated with the latest ticket status and a new batch of ticket numbers has been sent to the Support team.

Thank you for sharing these with me and as much as I like watching you guys sharing solutions or feedback on this thread, I am asking that this thread is only used to share these ticket numbers, so that it stays well organized and easier to go through.

Thank you for your understanding. smile 

See message in context
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Ticket Number: AHU-394061
Date Lodged: 2013-03-11
Type: Boutique Transaction Bug (Did not receive items purchased)

I wouldn't mind getting this rectified before its one year anniversary.

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Ticket Number: TNV-695845
Issue Type: Character Wipe (Ticketed as "Item Bug")

Just4Sabi: You have no idea how grateful I am for getting my 3 accounts back, but this account in particular has its characters wiped.

There was a misunderstanding on my part (Wrong account), so that ticket could be closed.

Now I'm just here to say thank you Sabi biggrin 
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Ticket Number: AWC-956817
Date: January 11, 2014
Hacking Account.

they stealed items more expansive, and orgrins, guild Kama and personal kama.

Char: Berse.
Server: Remington

i reanswer at ankama in ticket.
I'm waiting their answer.
They sand another ticket: VBH-911614

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Ticket Number: DCW-234219
Date: January 12, 2014
Issue type: Credit Card payment unavailable in Subscription

Hopefully this'll work ;w;

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Please see my previous thread

Click here

For some reason I can't add anything new to that thread. It only edits the last post I made to it.
What's going on? I submitted my ticket almost 1 month ago and I've received no response.
Now i'm seeing a bunch of people having the same problem as me. I'm beginning to think this wasn't a case of account hacking and possibly my character was deleted by mistake.

The ticket number is - BHU-723799

Please do what ever you can to get my Iop back I miss my Gilkin :-( and I really want to come back to Wakfu but not if I have to start all over.

Ticket was originally put in back on 12/19 didn't realize you wanted us to post it in forum as well. That was my mistake sorry about that.

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Ticket Number: VEO-189806
Issue Type: Ogrines
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Ticket Number: CLN-488455

Sabi Thank you so much for this quick help! I am so happy!
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Ticket: WZG-935220

My sub ran out with the character spell exp bug and nobody provided an answer, and the ogrines system is still down, so I can't renew my subscription

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Hello Sabi. This thread obviously was made to feed our hopes.

Ticket: FMK-999859
Bug/Issue: I can't buy ogrines or subscribe via mobile phone. Already reported 5-6 times, this issue goes on since 02 November 2013.

[Text Removed - Ankabox Message Sent]

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Ticket: EZI-491976
Issue: Canceling subscription

Also if you could, please let me know if I should open a ticket about the weird emails I received.

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Ticket: GPG-366662, KTO-392092, QHZ-401070

Issue Type: Subscription - Ogrines
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Issue Type: buying ogrines/sub payment method unavailable
Description: says payment method unavailable i can pay on my sister account but not mine why ? so it wont let me continue my purchase doesnt even let me type the card number or anything this happened to quite a bunch of people and some are waiting for weeks please fix the problem sabi all the payments wont work this text appears in the confirm stage when i click confirm and loading to the last stage

[This payment option has been blocked due to several possible reasons. Please try a different Payment method instead.

If you believe you have received this message in error, or have a general inquiry, please feel free to contact Customer Support for further assistance.

Thank you for your cooperation.]

~thanks in advance

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Ticket: VBH-911614
on January 14, 2014

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Ticket number: AFK-802980
Filed on: December 04, 2013
Issue type: Cancelling Subscription

Ticket number: PVY-360874
Filed on: December 02, 2013
Issue type: purchasing Ogrines

The second ticket I'm not so worried about but the first ticket AFK-802980 I would really need it to be sorted out. Thanks.

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Ticket: QKI-394778
Type: Account

Need it ASAP, thanks!

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Ticket :GQT-857078
Filed on :January 11, 2014
Type Display / background / environment bugI lose all ground textures trees hills and stuff like that when i join combat on my account, and get some kind of basic battlefield. Which looks like what you would see when you are creating the battlefield as a dev i imagine. This is not any kind of java error it is something with my account as my friend tried his account on my computer and it was fine.

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BDW-338465 - on January 18, 2014 - Payment / Subscription issue in Subscription(2014-01-18 15:41:15) pixiegirl9 : I didn't receive a confirmation of subscription email, and it doesn't show up as me having subscribed on my account, or in game.

I had purchased the one month starter pack, I didn't get anything in game, no email confirming my subscription. Only got an email confirming my purchase. My account still says I'm unsubscribed, paid with paypal.

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