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Guild Costumes And Message Bugs/ Issues

By owut - MEMBER (+) - November 28, 2013, 04:37:22
So basically I've noticed these problems persisting for a long time now and never really felt like saying anything till now but....Enough is a enough. First off you cannot see chaferon presplac or samosai insignia's (however you spell them) on anyone elses screen.

For example if you yourself decides to wear a chaferon insignia you can see it but no one else in game can see it. The only insignia that shows up for others viewing is in fact the original guild insignia that is free. This problem has been in the game since the guild revamp.

Another problem is the guild message board. I know numerous people including myself who cannot see half the current message when we open it up to edit it. In fact whenever I open it up to edit the message board I have to type blindly and have a guildy later fix errors for me. Not everyone has this problem. But being the leader of a larger guild this does become a pain in my ass and often prevents me from making regular updates.

With all due respect please look into these. These problems have persisted for long enough now and the message board one is easily over 1 year old.
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