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stuck inside an npc please help

By November 28, 2013, 00:10:34

one of my characters is stuck inside an npc and i can move. ive tried following people and clicking to move but im still stuck. i cant even battle someone or trade with them to get out of the npc.

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Hi Legendary!

Gosh it sounds like you're in a bit of a pickle! My advice to you would be to contact a Moderator in game. They will teleport your character to a spot that isn't inside an NPC (we hope)! To contact a Mod in game, leave a message on the ICT Hotline with your character's name, the time you will be online (remember what timezone you're from) and what server you play on.

Good luck Legendary! I hope you're not stuck in an NPC forever happy 

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Hi legendaryA1,

It would seem you went offline by the time I verified which server you were on. As tashlol has mentioned, next time you are online, could you please post in the ICT Hotline thread and we will send someone your way to rescue you from this fate worse than lag.

- Atdose
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