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Not getting any Ogrines

By OM3GA-Z3R0 November 02, 2013, 14:31:27
Today I bought 75ZAR worth of 700 Ogrines but I am not receiving the Ogrines, it keeps saying

You have purchased 700 Ogrines
You now have 70 Ogrines

WTF!! I spent 75ZAR of my money, REAL MONEY and it is not giving me the 3500 Ogrines I ordered in order to subscribe, this is technically stealing, I even confirmed it, it kept saying it has been billed on my Cellphone, my Cellphone had 92ZAR in it's account and now it is down to 17ZAR and now I lost 75ZAR for nothing please Ankama fix this issue ASAP

My ticket number is: LIU-417489 
First Ankama intervention
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Hi there,

Could you please tell me what payment method you tried to use?
See message in context
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Did you relog yet? The ogrine total in the boutique won't update 'til you do.
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Did it about 5 times, I even reset my computer and modem but my account says I only have 70 Ogrines while my account on my Cellphone is empty with no money
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Wow that really sucks OM3GA, thats basically close to stealing, I noticed you already sent a ticket to them since you have the ticker number, did you add the Transaction Codes so Ankama can't say you didn't pay for them in your ticket?
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Yeah I put down all 5 of the Transaction Codes to make sure that Ankama can't say I never paid
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i have a similar problem, i was trying to buy sub yesterday but it kept saying it failed so i checked my bank account and there it said that i had paid for 3 subs but i never got them but they took my money :/
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It could of just dinged you even if there was an error in transit. Let your bank know that the payments did not go through try staying away from words like reverse transaction and such Good luck.
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Thankfully I never used my bank account, I used my mobile phones account money but still this is taking 75ZAR from me without paying me back and knowing Ankama I might be waiting till next year
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Alas it was a dark stormy day when i logged onto my wakfu account then i had tried to buy 700 ogrines to start my subscription and then before i knew it..nothing i had 0 ogrines and was a little poorer with even a confirmation message of purchase :/ am i waiting for delivery or something? anyways yea i got the problem too hopeful ankama fixes it soon atleast i noticed it before i spent all my precious moneys.
XJG-564084. my ticket number
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ankamaa, for the love of iop please answer our calls
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Problems like this will catch Ankama's eyes if you post a ticket along with evidence of your loss like a Transaction code of purchase and then post your ticket number here like what Raath and I did, that way Ankama has to look into it.
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i foolishly bought it 3 times, the first and second at 31-10-2013, and the last is on 01-11-2013 .
the ticket i sent to ankama is never been replied, the ticket is KXH-665886 please ANKAMA, i paid via zong as well but it says paypal on my mobile
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Ankama's Special Ogrines Support

Click here to get yourself directly to the page concerning any problems with ogrines. Be sure to provide your information.

Hope you all get compensated with your ogrines and subtime that you've paid for.


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Hi there,

Could you please tell me what payment method you tried to use?
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Ah Troyle there you are!

I used Zong/mobile to purchase my Ogrines, 700 Ogrine payments 5 times which adds up to 3500 enough for a 1 month subscription, I hope you fix this soon because some others have the same problem.

Also my ticket has been answered and what the hell is this?

Hello, We cannot be held responsible for audiocodes which are not received. You may want to contact our partner ZONG on their website Click here You will have to provide the following details: - Name of the game - Date and time of your SMS - Phone number used to make the SMS - Phone operator used to make the SMS - Code(s) which cause(s) trouble Once they have checked all these details, they will be able to restore your code(s), if applicable.

How is this not your responsibility? Isn't it Ankama's job to make sure ZONG isn't giving any problems to your customers? All I want is my 3500 Ogrines that I purchased and it has been billed but I was never paid back the Ogrines after purchase.
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Troyle|2013-11-04 15:14:39
Hi there,

Could you please tell me what payment method you tried to use?
ah thanks, finally,
i use zong mobile just like OM3GA-Z3RO i use the 700 ogrines payment for 3 times means 2100 ogrines, please i cant sub now i cant enjoy my game, and I lost my money, and getting no ogrines. the other guild member of mine that using zong as the method of payment got the same problem.

And I ALREADY contact zong but the server says it on maintenance, since like 31 OCTOBER.
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Hey guys,My names Overfiend Im also from Southafrica , and i always use mobile payments to buy my ogrines for about 2 years and today im having this problem for the first time .. it debits the money from my phone but i never receive the ogrines or confirmation email ..and its happening on all 3 of my accounts

Im not sure where the problem lies its just very frustrating ,because this type of thing has never happened before and until this problem gets rectified i will not be able to play on any of my 3 please try and fix ASAP iv got all my transaction codes on my phone still if u need them

i wont be able to play until this problem gets resolved so please try ASAP
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looks like a conspiracy, about wakfu asia which will come soon on this month and this issue, This may be a trick of Ankama to make players interested changed his mine into Wakfu asia, just my opinion at all biggrin 
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