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Manor and House did not give extra storage when upgraded

By lyricalglitchen#5423 - MEMBER - May 01, 2022, 08:44:33

The second upgrade of a manor in the haven world, did not give 50 slots in the safe once added. A house with the final upgrade did not give the extra space to 20 slots in the safe either. It is a repeatable bug, i rebuilt the house and had the same issue. Reluctant to try to upgrade anything else for the guild safe because it will likely have the same problem. I did report this previously.

Server Rubilax
Guild: Illusions of Grandeur
Character: Only Time Will Tell
House 5/24/21
Manor 12/19/20

Still Bugged, please look into this issue.

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I would appreciate if someone could look into the issue, too! We need the slots! biggrin

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