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The damaging effects of exploiters on the dungeon ranking system and the future integrity of the game.

By Element#5674 - MEMBER - December 17, 2021, 21:00:42

Hello, fellow players and Ankama,

I'm sure some of you are and aren't aware of what the dungeon ranking system is. I'll give a brief explanation of it from my point of view. It is a system designed to highlight players whose tactical ability exceeds others to highlight their feats on how quickly they can complete a dungeon. Such a system, I assume, was designed in a way to appeal to those who want to beat others score, as Wakfu isn't a timed game it is quite difficult to achieve when you have the same clear speed as someone else and therefore I think it defaults to who did it quicker.

However, this leads to an inherent problem. How do you beat someone who achieves a score which is the highest it can be? And how can a score be beaten if attained through exploitation?

Before I continue I would like to state that I have spoken about this issue to members of both communities including those that have a higher status within the Pandora server and have a significant influence on others. Overall 89% of those agreed with me, within the remainder 7% are those that would continue to exploit, and 4% were indifferent.

With the release of the new expansion 1.74 Shushu Crust, there were two changes to class interactions within the changelog. The interactions from these classes when built into a team causes mechanical exploitation that allowed dungeons to be cleared in 1 room and 1 boss turn, thus achieving the highest score you can achieve on the dungeon ladder ranking now and forever. This leads me to understand that there are probably other interactions that can have the same outcome however beneficial they may be. It turns out this is the case with the new leaderboard ranking showing incredibly low clear score times.

Exploits, Ankama has stated are against the games T&C's and the companies, as a whole. Now, certain aspects could be brushed off as an unintentional game design through normal class interactions, however when the whole gold and silver rankings are taken up by teams of pure xelors, sacriers, or even over 40 teams of different sacriers there is a problem. You intentionally accept you are exploiting the interaction to gain something. Unfortunately, the benefit of single-handedly taking a whole ladder within a dungeon means you claim all of the rewards in the coming months, thus monopolising over legitimate players.

This isn't just one or two dungeons on Rubliax it's several and the player/s have already profited from one month of rewards already.

I cannot speak on behalf of the development team but there was a general consensus of questions amongst the players from both servers I asked. So as a collective we would like these questions to be answered in a way where assurances are made to prevent certain situations from being prevented in the future. I will list some from myself and the community overall for the appropriate person/s to reply.

Why when the hotfix was deployed weren't the dungeon ladders checked and those that showed signs of foul play, reset?

What assurances can be made that exploitations in the future won't affect the ladder rankings for the following month's leaderboard reward release?

Those that heavily exploited the leaderboards have already profited one month of rewards so far, are there any plans to sanction these players if not already?

On Rubilax the notorious exploiters are still playing and seek to heavily profit come January can assurance be made that the ladder will be wiped in time to prevent this from happening? 

The exploit that was hot-fixed still seems to be usable as a team from Rubilax completed the Magik Riktus Den boss in one turn yesterday. Is it intended game design to complete it in one turn if possible? If not there are players that are intentionally trying to use this exploit to exploit other areas of the game, how will this be managed?

What assurance can be made that the players of exploits are actually banned? A well-known French YouTuber often finds and records these exploits (I can expand on this privately if needed) and hasn't been sanctioned thus far, many players that are known to have exploited are still freely playing the game. This creates further discord between the community and the developers and a divide between communities, which is heavily present in some channels. 

As a side note, I would like to bring up another issue that was mentioned resoundingly throughout my discussions:

There is an overwhelming consensus that members of Rubilax often feel left out of the community and shifted to the side compared to the developer's native community. We feel as though we have no point of contact and there's no one to really fight for our side. To keep us in the loop, update us on problems, and be our 'middle man' between us and the developers. Collectively we do not feel we have this at the moment and would like actionable changes to make us feel like our voices are heard. As a community, we do not want to feel shafted to the side as the 'lesser community that so happens to play Wakfu'.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to your response.

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First Ankama intervention

Hi guys,

Thanks for the feedback, we'll definitely discuss it with the team.

If you have more information to share, please send me an Ankabox message so we can investigate further.

On a side note, please be assured that the developers are aware of the topics discussed in the English forum.


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That's a kinda sad situation, like, if they sanction or ban the exploiters, It will not matter, cos they will create new accounts and repeat the cycle, otherwise, if they nerf the exploit in question, its a question of time to someone find a different one. We're surely having a crisis related to ladder system, In one side we have the low lvl ladder being dominated by multibox abusing, in other side we have a lack of players at Ogrest score, generating a crisis related to Ogrest tears.
Concluding, at least to me all this situation that is happening seems pretty easy to understand, but a good way to solve seems pretty, pretty hard to achieve, sadly.

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About the very first point you bring, I'd like to see the stasis being able to go up infinitely, the dungeons would become comlpetely undoable at some point but the goal would be to find the best way to get the highest stasis possible. It would not reward being fast anymore, but really playing well. Also, if there are exploits, they will be very easy to notice, as you can't beat a dungeon the normal way at stasis 1337.
About the exploits in general, it is not our role to determine what is an exploit or not. But when in doubt, we should definitely report it. In this case I have no idea how the exploit looks like.
About the international community being left out, I think that it's untrue on discord, a bit true on the forums, although there are some answers here and there, but it is especially obvious in the game. As it was said on discord, there is no moderator that can speak spanish (or if there are, they are completely invisble), and some of the spanish players are going way off-limits while remaining unchecked.
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Hey, thanks for your post.

While I somewhat understand your stance of 'it is not our role to determine what is an exploit or not', unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be internal game moderation to check this out. The beta only checks for current bugs on content mainly and therefore its up to us, the players, to inform the game designers about bugs that become apparent through normal play over the coming weeks. The problem with this is when a bug has been pointed out to the devs it simply cannot be instantaneously fixed and there's an order to the processes of how they handle this. During this time the bug when interacted in different ways can therefore quite easily turn into the exploitation of the game's mechanics.

We see players completing dungeon bosses, ultimate bosses, to be exact in one turn.

Should this be possible, is it legitimately possible? And why when this occurs is it not 'normal team compositions (yes this is subjective) but 5/6 xelor/ sacrier comps? Is it the player base being smart and utilising mechanics? Is it an abuse of mechanical interaction to circumvent X Y Z, over sight and balancing from the devs? We simply do not know without confirmation from themselves.

As we get closer to the possibility of mono server without questions and implementations to provide a fair, stable ecosystem I cannot see the new server working. Imagine the only way to feel like you could achieve something is to have a 5 man team of X Y Z. I dunno, not for me though.

I think for me and some others it's more about seeing a paper trail of what the devs are aware of and/or are up to rather than finding out every 3 months when a content update hits. While discord is amazing, there's no official channel to speak to devs on as the Beta discord is reserved for that one only and mods such as Iroko make sure this is known (rightly and fairly so).

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Hi guys,

Thanks for the feedback, we'll definitely discuss it with the team.

If you have more information to share, please send me an Ankabox message so we can investigate further.

On a side note, please be assured that the developers are aware of the topics discussed in the English forum.


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Thanks for the feedback !

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Hello, I have just now made a post about this very same situation. I' d like to talk to you in private. I don't know if sharing my discord here is allowed but I'll try. Shaper#2218 Please pm me. 

Hello, I have just now made a post about this very same situation. I' d like to talk to you in private. I don't know if sharing my discord here is allowed but I'll try. Shaper#2218 Please pm me. 

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That is the problem, all the teams are conformed by:


and enutrof/sacrieur/iop/sram or eniripsa/sadida

always the same thing, the same characters, always

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Hey, thanks for your reply.

I think for me it's mainly about the integrity of some players. While I understand I most likely cannot be placed first in the dungeon's ladder with a full support comp. Why are there some players who take the majority of the gold and silver rankings with 5 xelor and 5/ 6 sacrier comps? There's one person that takes up well over a 100 ranks with just Sacriers alone!

It's more so if this is intended game design and if players truly can beat UB's in one turn and if not, what will happen to those players? They've already profited hundreds of millions over two months now.

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exploiters making relic epic sublis rare on Rubilax server.

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