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Destroyer dungeon ranking bugged?

By Xelovania3#7480 - MEMBER - December 14, 2021, 11:59:09
DevTracker AnkaTracker
Character name: Linoly
Date and time: Yesterday
Map: Route of the Dead
Server: Rubilax
Bug description: Dungeon ladder for Destroyer dungeon did not list us. We cleared the dungeon at statis 1 (without changing our team composition) but we were not listed on the ladder. It looks like there are only 10 people on the ladder and nobody else. We wonder if this is a bug.
Reproducibility process: Havent managed to assemble people to do it again.
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Hi Xelovania3#7480,

The dungeon ranking for Destroyer dungeon has been locked due to a technical issue. It will be unlocked after our scheduled hotfix this week. 


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