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Can't reroll 4 sockets on Boiling Boots

By HugeSlot#4809 - MEMBER - October 13, 2021, 01:40:09
Rerolled the socket 13 times on rare boiling boots.
Never went higher than 3.

Turns out it's possible, had to sacrifice 16 boots.
Maybe the odds are broken tho.
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Enchantment system with destruction of same items to gain and play with charges as it is implemented now draws more similarities with gambling than sane mind can comprehend for a game played by children as well and should be reworked in a way it's not governed by pure chance and that it rewards effort, not just luck or wealth.
Possibly taking 4 charges for a guarantee of 4th slot, 3 charges for 3rd slot if the item has only two or something done in a similar way.

Statistically, these are the odds:
one socket (~ 20%),
two sockets (~ 45%),
three sockets (~ 25% ),
four sockets (~ 10%).

Didn't find them to be true in practice though, seems the same for you, sorry you had to burn through such a large amount.

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