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Underhand limit

By cody5#2705 - MEMBER - September 22, 2021, 16:37:12

If you use underhand on 2 entities 2 cells apart, it swaps them, but then you can swap them again, since you can cast it once on each.
If you have 2 entities on 2 tempus fugit glyphs 2 cells apart, using underhand swaps them, but then the fugit glyph triggers, swapping them again, as expected.

The problem comes that this causes you to be unable to cast underhand on either of them, even the one you didn't cast it on.

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While its an interesting concern (plus cast limitations is getting out of hand, no pun intended, since we have Huppermage that can cast Dancing Shadows as much as it can on an enemy and teleport it away) Having two enemies perfectly positioned in Tempus Fugit Glyphs at the perfect 2-cells distance.... is WAAAAY to situational! Its like complaining Your left foot iches whenever there is a blood moon in the sky, its not something thats gonna happen less than once a millemnia to be worth considering ANOTHER change on how a spell or two work.

What I think should be done with Underhand is to reduce minimun range to 1. This would make Underhand the only spell that can FINALY break the Xelor out of a Lock hold without costing half our PA pool or complex summon-combos. It makes no sense Xelor became so poor at close distance when so many good spells have a minimun range further than the immediate cell in front of us (especialy every single fire spell! Is fire now the exclusive element of ranged fighters? )

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You can just put a fugit glyph on an enemy then put a cog on the other glyph, it's not that situational. It is the ideal way to trigger cog or course of time. This bug costs you 2 triggers per turn on a fugit investment

Also being unable to break lock is intentional, it's the intended weakness of the xelor class. And yes, fire spels are exclusively for ranged fighters.

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