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[Not a bug, just a trivial thing] Haven World decorative plants, herbs and crops disappear after a server reset.

By TheRogueCat#6934 - MEMBER - June 10, 2021, 05:30:30
Character name: -
Date and time: -
Map: Haven World, instance -32,481
Server: Rubilax

Bug description: After the server reset, the now-decorative plants, herbs and crops disappear after a server restart.
Reproducibility process:
Plant mobs, deco-herbs/crops/trees, and standard trees, herbs and crops that now appear as simple deco.
Reset the server.
The planted mobs of monsters remain there, but any other plantable gets wiped out. Not a mayor problem, but very annoying having to replant all of them. Specially with Wakfulilies involved.
Screenshots: -
Game logs:

Thanks for your time.
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Our hw does not have this issue,
We still have all the planted crops since ages.
Even recently planted ones does not tend to go away or vanish. pensive

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Then it might have been a sabotage, but my chars are the only ones with rank for managing Haven World stuff. And it was like that, 100% of all plantables were gone except the mobs. There is something weird there...

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This happened to our guild too "The Solar Dragons", our entire plantation disappeared over-night, glad to see we aren't the only one. Hope we get a response from Ankama.

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As we are on it, is your guild's Haven World a new one? Or did it exist from the pre-revamp times? Also, does it allow anyone to enter there? Or guildies only?

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