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3 Boombot Bugs (replicable and with screenshot evidence)

By Thothus#6662 - MEMBER - May 14, 2021, 15:07:15

There are three visual errors when boombot is used, but first let us see what the normal standard is, via the Panda's carry:

The top right is used as the cardinal North direction. Here, the Panda and Feca are facing opposite sides.When picked up, the Panda continues to face opposite the Feca.

After rotating clockwise, they continue to face opposite direction, which lets the Panda player know where the Ally (or Enemy will face after being thrown, very important for backstabs)

Finally, the target is thrown, facing the direction it was looking at when it was being carried.


BUG NUMBER 1: Wrong facing direction when carried

Same set-up as Panda.

The target when carried, faces perpendicular to the boombot, likely because the original developer wants to give an impression of "pinching the target". However, for clarity's stake (rather than visual integrity), it is more worthwhile to just do it like the Panda and pretend those claws are really flexible arms.

Although the blue circle and cursor at least indicate the right direction, the Feca is actually facing an imaginary direction instead of opposite the Boombot. After the boombot rotates clockwise 90 degrees, the actual Feca's direction continues to be opposite the Boombot, but the apparent direction, instead of rotating clockwise by 90 degrees as expected, rotates 90 degrees anticlockwise, confusing things further.

Finally, after being thrown, the actual direction as indicated by the cursor reveals to be correct all along.


If the boombot picks up a target in a direction opposite the target (from the North or South), and then throws it 90 degrees counterclockwise, this warped sprite occurs and persists outside battle. This visual bug is only seen by the Client who's target is themselves, while the Client who runs the Boombot does not have any visual error.


If the boombot picks up a target in a direction opposite the target (From the East or West), then throws it 90 degrees counterclockwise, this rotated sprite occurs
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i reported that billion times but never fixed since "10 new updates".

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