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HP Glitches with Conditioned gear

By TruthSeeker1 - MEMBER - January 17, 2021, 20:36:38

Ugh... Where do I start. It's been going on for years and I don't think anyone is doing anything about it.

My 3 srams suffer the same glitch. The 3 of them wear Biddy Plates and every single time I join a battle, I take a zaap or I enter a dungeon my HP drops automatically. No amount of bread will ever fix this. I can temporarily get full hp by unequpping and equipping the Biddy Plate but as soon as I zaap, or enter a battle or almost anything... I lose HP AGAIN. It's super annoying... Does it happen to anyone else?

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Kit skill.

When yur character undergoes teleportation (Zaaps, ToS teleport, etc.) or Map change loading, it "re-equips" the equips which are artificially worn using Kitskill.

This is why yu will notice that if yu are wearing items closer to yur current level, the "HP glitch" seems to be less drastic. 

This is why I always have a Characteristic page with 10 Armor for when I am levelling characters which are abusing Kitskill.

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