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By Hhaven00 May 15, 2012, 08:18:53

I am not sure how the rest of the community feels about this, but I personally like the idea. I really don't like that you have to get max level in the game in order to enjoy some PvP. It seems every time I initiate a fight between myself and an outlaw or someone that my country is at war with, they are like 20 or 30 levels higher than I. Not once have I ever had a fair fight between myself in someone and because of this I feel like I have to get cap in order to enjoy PvP. Which I think kind of stinks. Would like maybe something you can queue up for that would sit you on a full team against another full team of either completely random people or people from your nation (probably the former just to make sure that people are not waiting forever for someone from their nation around their level to queue up) that were like 5 or maybe even 10 levels in your range.

Just an idea to help broaden the PvP base.

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prob the only thing that would make me sign on is some type of arena...
but heres to hopeful wishing

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