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low hits aka ecafail

By M1010110101 April 12, 2012, 09:37:42

the fairly new low hits are not a cra / eni only thing. they QQ about it alot ingame but its across the board. every one can hit about 100 less than normal from time to time. its annoying. i think its attached to critical fail but havent tested since very little gear wise has the trait.

get rid of it since it didnt fool any one . the cra are still op and it just makes the difference in damage in 1 turn more lopsided if the cra dont eca fail and every one else does it to make a ecaflip feel better for almost dieing with tarot or to make people who make poor life choices feel better for dumping a ton of points into ap on stat ? they eca fail its like some one half there lvl hitting something with decent resistances .

the worst part is that air cra QQ like there underpowerd when the 100 less procs. omg i didnt 1 turn a group of monks im going to cut myself...

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You lost me at "The worst part about a damage bug is a percentage of the player base's opinion of it"

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