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Wakfu crystal buff should last longer

By Skeena#5579 - MEMBER - March 29, 2012, 06:32:47

Thank you devs for getting the wakfu crystal(and probably stasis) crystal to actually give you the buff when you touch the crystal!

But I find that with the buff only lasting 15 minutes I waste more than half of it running to where I want to be, I suggest that the buff last until you log out(or a few hours) because it has a cool effect and it only give you a 10% planting or harvesting buff.

This could be one way to reward having high wakfu/stasis which I think there needs to be more point to because the aura looks awesome! It is a shame that it is so short.

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+1 Seeing that farming is already such a hastle, 15 minutes just isnt worth it unless your doing something RIGHT OUTSIDE of the source.

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I'd support this. That or at least remove the force spawn change from entering the island. The primary thing I dislike is having to run all the way to the island for the bonus, then running all the way back. With that aside, the only other suggestion I have is fixing it or posting more info on it. I'm not sure if I'm just doing something wrong or if it's a glitch, but the majority of the time I try to use the crystal, nothing happens, and I'm at 99% wakfu.

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I think they should change this aura/buff to a passive when you get a high wakfu %, maybe over 50 and change the wakfu crystal to something else, or have it stack with the passive.

Either way it needs to last longer.

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I could agree with that, maybe just make it so your planting boost starts above 50 and from there is your wakfu count divided by 8, 9, or 10. Not sure. Weren't there also boots or something you could get at 90 or 99% wakfu/stasis? I'm not sure if those give a boost or not, let alone even the name.

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Yeah 15 mins is ***ed, should atleast give an hour and that's still a lot of running back and forth. A few hours to 24 hours would be better.

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