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account-based job skills

By Heydi March 25, 2012, 01:35:23
You have a ton of different classes in this game. Playing alts is really fun. Sometimes you find a class you prefer over your main. Leveling another class isn't too annoying because the gameplay is drastically different from one class to another.

HOWEVER, the leveling of job skills (mining, fishing, tailoring, etc) is exactly the same no matter which character you do them on. It's off-putting and pointless to start another char and be unable to continue leveling your job skills while on that char. It's annoying to see ores that I can mine normally on my main, but be unable to when on an alt.

I know an alt is a different character, starting from scratch and all, but I don't see what benefit there is to having job skills separate for each character since they are leveled the same regardless.

Hopefully I made sense.

Oh, and map notes. Those shouldn't be character-specific. It's annoying.
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I do also wish crafting and harvesting was account wide or transferable. I used to main an eca and got one of my crafts to 30 and 3 of my harvesting professions to 50 but then decided i did not really like ecaflip much and made new characters. Problem is i do NOT want to ever lvl up mining, trapper or other crafts up again on a different char just because ive grown bored of my first class choice.

As it is now, mych eca is taking up a char slot solely becuase he is the character i lvled up proffessions on. And when i do get stuff on him i have to ask for the assistance of a friend to transfer things to my other char's.

I dont want to spend another 2 weeks and kama redoing the same thing on another char.

I wish all the chars on my accounts profession levels were linked and that you had a account chest in your heaven bag.

+ wish we could buy more char slots. I want to try a lot of different classes I would usually overlook, but I want to save 2 slots because i want to play rouge and masq when the are released (was hoping the would be at launch :/), they are both classes I definitely wanted to play.
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Being that I personally have releveled tradeskills a few time to different characters, especially in beta. I would say that would be amazingly convenient. But in the same, I don't think I'd be too supportive of the idea. It adds a bit of a flair to each character, for them to have their own set of gathering/tradeskill levels.

In addition though, the achievements/titles for each profession would be account-wide then.
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I hadn't considered the achievements/titles.

There are ways around that, though. But if job skills are not made account-wide, they should, at the very least, be transferrable from one character to another.

Maybe they could have a preference where you select the character that you consider your main from a dropdown or something. Then whoever is considered the main at any given time would have access to the job skills and achievements. The other classes could have maybe half-level access to the job skills or something, and no access to the titles. And you'd be able to switch who the main was whenever you wanted... That'd satisfy me.
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Maybe the achivements could stay with the char that won them, like if may main char was already 100, all the achivements stay with him and you could buy the option to share the jobs with ogrines, this way people that want the achivements in all chars can choose lvling normally.
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