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Ogrines in Wakfu!

By Epicdark - MEMBER - February 13, 2012, 02:08:49

Why cant you use kamas in Wakfu, that doesnt encourage anyone to subscribe. It'd be nice though, if they included The Ogrine system within Wakfu as it is in Dofus, so free to play users can work their butts off to get a p2p Item, and eventually might just hand in cash. I know my last Topic was like this;" Let's Not dissapoint Your Free to play users, Ankama!", but this one is about ogrines.tongue

If free to play users could access Ogrines on Wakfu, (And Kamas), then the economy would be alot better and faster then subscribe only.

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I believe Derek mentioned that there would be an orgrines system in Wakfu.

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