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Obecalp and Bworks!

By darknecrosss - MEMBER - January 08, 2013, 07:41:45

Just like in episode 7 of the wakfu series.... nuff said with that, but to explain a bit more about that area...

The general idea would be to create it as an island, on Amakna's side of the map, like Kelba.
Reason: previous episode is about Puddly village, following episode is about Xav the baker.

Name: Obecalp Village.

-Plains with some pastures for farmer and herbalist harvests,
-Areas with small patches of trees and a small area specially for Bworks separated by a fallen tree working as bridge.
-Bwork huts around in that area. Mongolian style of buildings.

Clan member and mobs:
-Nausea, the eniripsa, living in her small hut with winged dragoturkeys outside.
-Bworks in the forest.
-Plant family mobs scattered around. (Roses mainly)

-Bwork village. Bworks, Bworks archers, Bwork mages, Bworkettes.
-Final Boss: Chief Bwork. A brutish boss with less brain than a Iop and powerful as the legendary minotoror.

Main Dungeon:
-Malefic Forest. Pretty much like a cursed overgrown version of the plant dungeon.
-Final boss: Sybannak (old sadidette living in the forest, commands the plants) and/or her 2 pet plants, they look like a mix between shin larva and carnivorous plant.

-Bwork set, Malefic set, Chief Bwork set, Nature set, Green set, just mentioned what i imagined right now...

Puns: (You know Ankama loves puns...)
-The Incredible Bwulk, Bwulkis Khan, Oppa Bwork Style...
-And other objects for puns like: Green Lantern, Piccolo (Dragon Ball), She-Hulk, Mike Wazowski (Monsters Inc), Shrek, and more!

Why would you think about creating this?

1) Goes just like in the Wakfu Series. Pretty much like every single part of the map (except the roller coasters of Brakmar)

2) It's original in Wakfu and brings back the Bworks from Dofus. Not the most remarkable creatures like the gobball or tofus, but pretty much known. You wont meet a player from Dofus that doesnt know anything about Bworks, and in the lore Bworks are pretty common and known by most people.

3) For all those that don't know about Dofus or Wakfu lore, it would be a more calming and complete game. Since in basically 99% of the games you can find Orcs or Orc-like creatures.

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i like the punrolleyes 

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+1 This kind of suggest is what we neeeeed!

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Oh yes, I loved the episode with Obecalp village and Nausea! And we really need new content... We didn't get any NEW islands with NEW monsters for months.

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