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master-apprentice system? o.o?

By mitsume54432 - MEMBER - December 08, 2012, 07:22:36
I don't know with you guys but I honestly believe that some new players who are still learning the A-B-C's of this game could use this... or maybe (if there would be) some benefits for the master and the apprentice like... maybe shared stats or skills or shared exp when the master and apprentice are online at the same time? o.o? and maybe a level requirement like the apprentice can never be the same level as the master?
anyway... just want to see how some people would react to this even though i doubt if anyone would notice my post...
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I think its a pretty good idea but my opinion is that instead of shared stats and xp, there could be a interface where both master and apprentice craft at the same time and get a xp bonus instead.
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A pretty good idea. For games who don't allow multi accounting.
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Go back to LineAge II and stay there.
Thank you.
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what's LineAge II? o.o??
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mitsume54432|2012-12-09 13:49:22
what's LineAge II? o.o??
A better game.
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