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Iop Table (lvl 50 Handyman craft) 580 materials required [this should in my eyes be reduced]

By Kuroyanko November 08, 2012, 19:44:37
I don't mind the new recipe/exp update but some craft recipes have become insanely expensive.

For example the Iop Table, which requires:

  • 10 Sunflower Oil
    • 30 Sunflowers
  • 10 Grainy Manganese
  • 10 Ha Swords
    • 100 Planks of Ash Wood
      • 300 Ash Wood
    • 210 Piwi Beaks
  • 10 Prickly Plank
    • 30 Prickly Wood

= A total of 580 materials for a craft that gives only 500 exp.
Which is less than 1 exp per material.
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This receipe could be nice if we would delete last zero in each number.
Afterall why we have to use 10 swords if ther's only 1 inside iop's table?
I also wouldn't mind getting 30 Prickly wood and 10 grainy manganese, nor the 30 sunflowers but 300 ash wood and 210 piwi beaks does feel a bit to much like you said.

I'm not even sure why this recipe would need sunflowers..
well hahaha those handyman are useless for now maybe very useful when havenbag arrive...that why they make it danm hard to craft
not only handyman but all the recipe kinda expensive now even a support material :/
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