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New market/Haven bag function

By Dirkas June 05, 2012, 15:03:31
I think it would be nice to have a *Buying* option for the Haven Bags and the markets.

For example, if i wanted to buy 200 tofu blood for 2k each. I could use the *Buying* option, to place an order of 200 tofu bloods, paying 2kamas each.

This idea could drive the economics further on, as people can see what the demands are.

I think it would be a pretty decent addition to the game and could improve the trading system.
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+1, it could looks like monk seeds 4open interface.
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would make gather services a lot easier to work
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Would be ideal for giving new members a way to start having an income, they will know what people want and what to hang onto.
Also would make it so easy to find materials ^^
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Awesome idea!

- Nemeth
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Always good to have this on the market.
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Although I doubt this is going to easy to implement, they should be able to create a new market tab and copy a whole bunch of code though.

But they would have to make a selection screen of which item you would be able to buy (which, if you want to put every item in there... more than 1000 at least.)

If this will ever be in the game it's going to take a long time.
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would be nice for seller and customerlaugh 
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Great idea, would require a lot of work and thought to perfect and implement though, and currently the Wakfu devs should have more than enough of work on their plate, so it might have to be put on the "to do list" for quite a while.
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Sounds great!
+1 Support wink
I also laughed when I saw that alot of people are saying +1 without actually liking his post laugh 
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