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a little idea

By kilerama22 - MEMBER - March 31, 2012, 17:10:12
hello i had an execelnt idea.. well some wouldn't like it some would :/ but let me say what i have in my
head ok guys?so the idea is:
Double exp weekend !!
witch would be mostly good for proffesion training and a also for character becus most of people have jobs/school etc during the week so double exp weekend would be pretty usefull don't you think?
like 1.5x exp on monsters and 2x on proffesions?
tell me what you think and what is bad and good in my idea smile
click green smiley for yes and red for no
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Am guessing that this idea will happen at some point.. As it did in dofus.. but i personally feel that its too early after the launch for anything like this.. its not that hard to lvl professions ect (except handyman at later lvls 45+).
Score : 1039
yes well the exp monster killing idea.. but for proffesions it would be good wouldn't it? or at least make mosnter 0.5 - 1x more exp and proffs 1.5 - 2x? becus most of people don't have time to lvl or to lvl proffs during the week :/
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