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Sacrier's new passives are "TRASH" bring back the old ones if u think old ones are op then nerf it

By jeolog#7614 - MEMBER - September 11, 2023, 22:45:59
Are u guys high when u plan to rework sacrier's passives?
Those passives are huge "NERF" for sacrier when u use wp u take damage your movement skills have -2 range
Everything in the sacrier's passives is big trash, that's all.
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It is definetly a big nerf on sacrier overall passives. Tattoed Blood was a good example of that, wish it is just -2 range not -2 range to movement spell. Wakfu Pact on the other hand is actually pretty good. The mechanic they built around flame return is pretty solid, if anything I wish sacrier can gain even faster flame return charge. If you don't like taking the flame return damage you can combine it with burning armor so your flame return become armor, If you still don't like it you can combine it vision as well so you can kind of choose when to get armor to negate the burning armor downside.
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