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Resurrects per class

By Sekireis#6175 - MEMBER - February 03, 2023, 09:16:00

This game has a good mechanic where your can resurrect your downed allies, but it's just impossible for some classes, so i had this idea with two options:

First option: giving a generic resurrection skill for all classes, but you can just use it at melee, developers can reuse the "PLS" emote animation for this.

Second option: giving 1 unique resurection skill for all classes, i'll put some ideas for classes that can't resurrect at the momment, i'm not going to be too detailed, like mentioning the AP cost of the skills, and i just have no idea how could some classes res, and some ideas might sound crazy (it's hard to imagine it for classes like cra and sram), so there are the ideas:

  • "Auxiliary Arrow": cast on empty cell or alive ally; knockbacks enemies 3 cells, cast on ally; resurrects ally and knobacks enemies by just 1 cell.

  • "Elixir of Youth": on alive ally; 1 AP + 1 MP, on downed ally: same and resurrects but you get no extra AP.

  • "Function Glyph": on empty cell: puts a glyph that grants small armor + block and dissapears if it's activated, on downed ally; resurrects an ally and grants a small armor.

  • "Banner of Bravery": on downed ally; resurrects.

  • "Lick Wounds": their invocation gets +2 MP and walks to the nearest downed ally to resurrect.

  • Happy Hour: now resurrects allies.

SACRIER: by the nature of their roles and lore, they're pretty versatile.
  • "New Blood": Sacrier resurrects their ally, sacrifices 10% of their HP to transfer it to their ally.

SADIDA: "but they can resurrect" i know, but it's just a bad resurrect for a support to be honest.
  • Sylvan Awakening: remove the Tree Form tradeoff condition.

SRAM: this one is kinda hard, i know it's strange seeing a Sram, an assassin, resurrecting their allies.
  • Shadowlands Ritual: Sram opens a dark portal and bony hands resurrects their ally, gives "Undead" state to their ally, can't be healed for 1 turn.

  • Boombot: now resurrects allies kinda like Osamoda's "Lick Wounds"

  • Prevention: there are 2 ways, this skill now adds extra K.O turns or just resurrects their ally instantly.

  • Howl of the Pack: resurrects nearest K.O ally if they're not too far.

HUPPERMAGE: scholars, masters of elemental runes, many tools in lore, but they can't resurrect. I ran out of ideas, i don't know how to make a resurrect skill for this class.


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I have to disagree with this, giving everyone a res would take away from healer classes. ( I also don't see an issue with Sylvan Awakening? they are stablized as a tree but turn back to normal on their turn. )
if your class can not heal an ally what is the point of giving it a resurrect as they would just be in danger of dying again if a monster moves before your healer. 
As well, resurrected players are linked to the one that resurrected them, a squishy damage dealer with no self heal or armor reviving half the team would just lead you towards a sudden full wipe if they happened to die.

and I wont even dare mention issues with pvp, as unbalanced as it is this would make it a lot worse.

Also a res on some classes just doesn't fit the class at all. 
( you also committed a forum crime by forgotting Xelor, I am sure it had its res removed. ) 
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