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By dirty-birdy#8480 - MEMBER - January 25, 2023, 03:06:06

I have a request and not sure where to post it.

I want a service option to move profession levels to one character on an account.

So lets say i have like 7 characters on one account and over time a couple professions get really high on a character and then I end up use another character does different professions and level them.. so now over all my characters I have high level professions across all the characters.

I now would like to move all the high professions on to one character.

Can we add that service?


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Devs are planning on making Professions account-wide, which means that their levels will be shared among all your characters. So, if you maxed all of your professions in 1 character, don't worry because the others will be able to take advantage of them too once the feature gets implemented.

Here's the original post along with others elements that are planned to be shared among characters too: Account Identity

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Oh awesome... that works as well.  Thank you so much for the assist.

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I wonder if the merge will be abusable in any way, if you have lvl 50 farmer on one char and lvl 70 on the other, how are they going to merge these. Just the highest lvl proff accountwise? Or merge the proff exp across the characters? One could get some crazy levels if they combined the exp from your chars

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