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[Suggestion] How to make WAKFU more fair

By Riktustroller#4129 - MEMBER - December 22, 2022, 13:56:33
Put heavy drawback effect to force to play only one identical class in the team.
Reason: To make diverse game playing, and let players have opportunities to play various classes.
  • If 2 Osamodas are in the team, max number of summons on the field is limited to 2. (Players use 2+ Osamodas to abuse 4+ summons play before enemies.)
  • If 2 Pandawas are in the team, only 2 Barrels can be on the field.
  • If 2 Eniripsas are in the team, only 1 Coney or Super Coney can be on the field.
  • If 2 Eliotropes are in the team, only 4 Portals can be on the field. (Checked, already works in this way.)
  • If 2 Xelors are in the team, only 1 Dial can be on the field.
  • If 2 Masqueraiders are in the team, only 1 Masked Sprit can be on the field. (Checked, already works in this way.)
  • If 2 Rogues are in the team, number of bombs are limited to 7 and they can't share bombs. (Checked, already works in this way.)
  • If 2 Iops are in the team, only 1 Brave Standard can be on the field.
  • If 2 Foggernauts are in the team, Microbot Rails on the field can't be no more than 6.
  • If 2 Srams are in the team, they share Invisibility spell cooldown.
  • If Ecaflips are in the team, only 1 Cat Tree can be on the field.
  • If Cras are in the team, number of Cra Beacons on the field are limited to the one has lower Control, and they don't share DI effect.

  • Flame Return: Be effected by DI.
           Reason: Drawback requirement
  • Do not allow to generate armor with hitting empty cell (Rocky Foot spell).
           Reason: Armor abuse

  • Add Armor Resistance
           Reason: Heal Resistance
  • or Add cooldown to armor spells.
           Reason: Armor abuse all turns

  • Invisibility spell: Make drawback effect e.g. -100% DI and +100% Heal Resistance stance after getting back to visible stance (current turn).
           Reason: Abuse of fooling A.I., perfectly safe for a turn (repeatable), and no downside at all.
  • Weak Point: No more allow to gain with hitting on empty cell.
           Reason: Abuse of stacking damage on nothing.
  • Crazy Scheme passive: Add -2 max WP
           Reason: This passive has no drawback at all.
  • Murderer passive: Add -10% DI on sram while it hits the target with current HP > 65%
           Reason: This passive has no drawback at all.
  • Dupery passive: Change 20 Force of Will to -20 FoW
           Reason: This passive has no drawback at all.

  • Add cooldown to Resurrection spell.
           Reason: Resurrection spell requires cooldown.

  • Tremblor & Cataclysm spells: do damage to allies.
           Reason: Only AoE abusing
  • Tremblor: Replicated damage reduced 50%.
           Reason: Only AoE abusing

  • Make maximum AP limited to 20.
           Reason: Already has self AP-boost spell (Devotion)
  • Hammer Hour spell: Repeated damage halved down with each time (rounded down).
           Reason: Too much damage with free (repeated) + damage boost abusing with hit ally.
  • Hand spell: No more work together with Save Sublimation.
           Reason: AP abuse
  • Dial teleportation: No more ignore stabilization.
           Reason: Only Xelor ignores stabilization effect.

  • Make maximum MP limited to 20 in Drhellzerker stance.
           Reason: Already has self MP-boost spells and passives (Shovel Kiss (+1 MP)
                           Prime of Life & Greed (free +1 MP boost))
  • Resistance malus spells: -100 Resistance per turn maximum and add drawback effect:
           Reason: Spells do effect whole team with small cost
                           (- Res on enemy, especially on boss monster = damage boost for whole team)
                           Makes game too easy and one way
How to make it fair?
  1. Enemies inflicted by Resistance malus will gain same amount of Resistance for next 1 turn.
  2. If Resistance malus spells casted on the same target for 2 turns in a row, the effect of - Res spells getting halved (Can be stacked up to 3 times, with rounded down numbers).


P. S.
Please make Suggestions category under WAKFU MMORPG.
Why Suggestions about game playing is under Community section?
In Pandora forum's case, Débats & Suggestions section is under WAKFU MMORPG.

Why each forum is running under different categories?

To make WAKFU more fair, please treat Rubilax players as equal as Pandora players.

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What problem or mechanic you think is being abused that this would solve?
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How to make the game more boring than it already is:
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I agree that the current game is unfair (unbalanced is a much better word) but these are some really bizarre ideas that don't seem like they will fix anything at all.
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you literally don't play the game. there's just no way.

by virtue of you listing mechanics that should be added, with such confidence, then realizing there were some that were added.

i'm just gonna ignore your class stacking garbage, because none of that is important other than rogues and elios. 

sacrier flame return is affected by DI. also, sacrier flame return is literally, it's own drawback.

there's also no problem with generating armor without hitting something, if sacrier needed to hit something you could just lifesteal instead, no real point to this restriction. plus rocky foot is hard to deck anyways.

armor resistance, maybe something like this should exist in PvP, however there's no real need for this mechanic. some enemies can already instantly strip away all of your armor or even set you to 1 HP regardless of your armor. it's not like armoring is that big of a "problem". i'd argue the game being balanced around armor is a bigger issue, and maybe that could be addressed more directly, but this solution just creates a break in the gameplay loop.

feca armor already has per-target cooldowns, so once again you clearly don't play the game.

sram invisibility comments:
so, iop has an HP passive that you always take, life steal on demand, shielding on demand, and a passive worth 100 block at all stages in the fight.
sacrier has an HP + block all in one passive that you always take, life steal on demand, shielding on demand, and much better survivability in items than other melee DDs thanks to zerk picks.

sram has to run squishy rear items, has no HP passive, no on demand life steal, basically no shield, and maybe 1 passive that actually assists in surviving. yet you have a problem with invisibility being up every 3 turns? and costing two WP? and not even being guaranteed to provide results?

weak point comments:
why should every ranged class have WP regen options but sram can't even stack the necessary WP regen resource ? why are you nerfing the class that's been outdated and old for literally 9 years?

crazy scheme has no downside:
most passives still have no downside. classes are reworked into the new system of passives w/ trade offs. you can't just tack on downsides like this, it doesn't work that way. crazy scheme is a passive meant to power your sram up as you level. 

murderer dupery: read above about crazy scheme. tacking on maluses to classes not balanced for it is a horrible idea, and will just relegate them into unplayability.

eniraser comments:
i dont think the spell needs a cooldown, especially since death is already a domino effect. especially since you can just revive w/ someone else when you're on cooldown, like what?


yeah ok see my thing is dementya is basically balanced around a powerhouse elio's ability to permakill all the mobs til the boss is dead. without the power of tremblor cata, it becomes unfeasible to do the dungeon as intended. like, sorry, elio is a manditory part of the game, just like feca and rogue, that's not something you can touch.

not to mention elio is kind of a one trick pony now, and if you cripple it's only usage case then you're once again demanding this class be useless in all content.

xelor max ap: whatever, idk what's abusive about the game's mechanics feeding the class what it's supposed to have, but ok

hammhour: hammhour has been nerfed into the ground already, it's basically nothing worth writing about now.

hand + "save"? i assume you meant AP return: AP return was alr nerfed into the ground, no reason to apply anything here. i'd say turn limit hand, cause wtf?

dial stabilize: idc, sure, but it doesn't do anything in pvm anyways. just makes the class worthless in pvp, which it already is thanks to heavy cog nerfs.

enutrof changes:

everything you recommend here is beyond terrible, i don't even feel like writing it up. you're essentially making weaker players unable to do content lol.


idk, you're clearly new here and that's ok, but it's posts like these that make me glad that Siu doesn't take a lot of player feedback.
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Considering he has 24 downvotes at this time, I think this is good player feedback
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