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Perceptors please?

By Barinade#8773 - MEMBER - December 02, 2022, 03:33:00

I know this isn't Dofus but we really need a better PvP system... pacts are kind of bad, because most of the people with their pact up don't want to be attacked or attack someone meaning it's no fun for PvP. People will literally get mad if you even attack them. There needs to be a way for two parties of people who want to PvP to meet in the middle and the game needs to spark that fight started. And don't say battlefields either, because they're extremely infrequent and not very well designed. They also have terrible rewards considering how infrequent they are. Anything would be fine, including a koloseum, but I know that's too much work. Just add some kind of simple perceptor system where each map can only have 3 perceptors, and it mines resources and shards from that area slowly. Then you can collect from it or another team can kill it to take the loot. Give the defending guild a 5 minute timer to open up their guild menu and set up their team to defend it. This gives way more incentive for people to fight each other since the loot will always be there to fight over, and even though it won't always result in a good 6v6 showdown it will have a much higher likelihood of occuring. And listen, if this idea is good enough then fine. Just give us something.

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I agree. I'm shocked we still don't have a kolo system like Dofus. I know the community is small but it would be very nice. 

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Well the demonic pact isn't a PvP system it's a PK system.

If there is going to be a PvP system, it should be tournament modes or something like that

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I think the solution has been present for a while and it's more Battlefields.

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Battlefields are more Nation VS Nation then Player VS Player (especialy the flower ones)

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Imagine playing with Pact and get mad for getting attacked... 

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The minute they tie fungible rewards to a pvp system people will gravitate to it for the rewards rather than to pvp. That’s not to say that pvp shouldn’t have rewards it’s just that you’re always gonna have people who are mad they got attacked

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