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Horridemon Dungeon - Just a DPT check?

By ozoeiro#2616 - MEMBER - November 17, 2022, 05:11:23
Most of my friends share the belief that this dungeon is basically a glorified DPT check, there's no feasable way to control the amount monsters get buffed, specially if your party isn't at least close to the meta.

I really really like this dungeon in essence, not that much execution. Due to the amount of recent dungeon reworks, I might aswell share my thoughts somewhere about the issues me (and some of my friends) feel about the dungeon.

In general, the issues boil down to: The infinitely stacking mechanics make the dungeon basically become a race to kill stuff before they kill you. Even if you're able to control the Fury mechanic (which is already hard enough), 2 / 3rds of mobs (the real boss of the dungeon) also have their own stacking dmg mechanic, I think it's just overkill.

I've come up with like, a bunch of ideas in the past weeks of ways to maybe fix these issues.
  1. [*]Easier to control stacks:
    Change the fury effect to:
    - +25% DI and +1 MP per level (2 turns).
    - Monsters get 1 stack of Fury at the end of the round, if it didn't suffer any damage coming from its glyphs.

    This would make controling the stacking of Fury way more manageable, but also make each stack more powerful on its own.
  2. [*]A different way to stack:
    Fury still has the same effects and durations, however, the way monsters get stacked with it changes:
    - Monsters get 1 stack of Fury when they suffer direct damage from a character on its glyph.

    This would completely change the dynamic of the dungeon: Making you alternate which mobs you hit / give the boss a break. Due to this, I don't know if this would be the best option but it's for sure an option.
  3. [*]Buffs and debuffs:
    Fury keeps working exactly the same as it already does, however:
    When a monsters loses all its Fury stacks (due to conditions being followed the whole turn), it gains stacks of Calmness an equal amount to the Fury it lost:
    - Calmess makes the monster lose -5% DI and -30 elemental resistance for each stack. It lasts 2 turns and the monster can't gain stacks of Fury while it's under these effects. Max lvl 10.

    The monster / boss would need to lose at least 1 stack of fury for this to stack, so if you keep them always perfectly controlled, it would never proc.

    This would make finally being able to reset the Fury of a monster way more satisfying. It also relieve you for 2 turns when you finally do that, which is a plus. Well, that or making everything go boom on this mob with a malus of upwards of 300 resistance being lost, that's gotta hurt!
  4. [*]Summoner Boss:
    This one might not be feasable, but here it goes:
    - When the battle starts, instead of the total HP of the mobs being the total of all enemy combatants, instead of that.
    - Mobs: Will have their HP added together like usual, however the boss is not considered on this (resulting in ~~70k HP on all mobs in stasis 2).
    - Boss: Will keep its own HP unaltered (so the base 525k - 530k HP in s2).

    When the boss has no allies left:
    - Gains +3 MP (1 turn) at the beginning of the turn.
    - At the end of its turn, summons 3 new mobs. The 3 new mobs will have their HP added like the 3 initial mobs.
    - These 3 mobs have summoning sickness, and will not stack Fury on the turn they were summoned.

    I like this one, possibly the best of both worlds. Mobs being able to be killed would remove the problem of the ever stacking mechanics

Well, that's it of stuff I came up with for this dungeon. I don't think any of these ideas need to be followed exactly the way I developed, nor that they are the only ways to fix the problems with this dungeon.
Just hope this reaches someone's ears, whenever, and the problems I've stated in the beginning of this post (not necessarily the solutions) are taked into consideration.

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My biggest issue with the dungeon is this unnecessary 50% heal debuff that can be kept almost permanently because both the boss and one of the mobs can refresh it every turn. This should just VANISH ENTIRELY, makes the dungeon simply a chore, an unhealthy race to kill the boss with high damage output before you die out of exaustion from taking so many damager without a proper heal, and Armor can't fix it because the boss also steals Armor! It's lazy design, no sugarcoating the 216 dungeons, they are not well-designed save perhaps Phytomorph for at least having a mechanic that requires you to pay attention to the mechanic and have a decent amount of healing and positioning, although I can't imagine if the Mobs can't one-shot you on higher stasis due all the buffs they start with. What resistance do they expect the whole team to have? 90%?
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I like Phytomorphs and Destroyers (the ones that fuse) tbh
I also like Streyes in essence, but I think that their DMG scales way too much as they die, and the dungeon is very much a chore to deal with without a rogue to end things quickly, takes too long without a proper burst comp
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Granthese#6501|2022-11-27 00:25:23
Streye really needs just two DPSs with good range and cheap attacks like Xelor, Cra, Elio, if you make sure to keep the Detrevnis at bay, at least in S1 its a cakewalk.

Everything's already a cakewalk on S1 tho
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Except Horridemon, and Voidivision and ocasionaly Destroyer. Those three are AWFUL.
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