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QOL Suggestion: 'looking for pvp' mode.

By MisutoKiriya#5867 - MEMBER - November 14, 2022, 01:53:12

A dribbled idea as I watch people hang around nations;

A mode you can put yourself in to show others around you that you are looking for fights/open to being challenged, making it more advanced maybe shows you how many people are in the group with their group level when attempting to challenge. 

Visuals; have the character idle in a unique stance or do a small animation on loop. ( not distracting to other players but something you can recognise when looking for it )
Moving takes you out of the mode, chat can still be used. 

Not related to pact pvp though could be a good taunt. 

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could just be an icon above you, just like for pacts

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but my immersion ~
for pact the icons work as the system is about that risk/reward stuff, same goes for Outlaws where it pulls your attention to those players. for something more casual I dont think more UI clutter would look too good. 

ofc just icons could still work just fine, I just try to go out of the box with suggestions. 

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