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By Akiyla#3661 - MEMBER - June 25, 2022, 00:37:37

Hi, I've been playing Wakfu for I think 8 years maybe 9. 

Over that time I have never found a class I enjoyed and ended up deleting or starting over too many times. I am now at Feca again. I find it the most in line with what I want to do which is an AoE build. The only other class that comes close is Osa for my taste but I don't like Osa overall.

As I played Feca I realized some things could use attention in the hope of speeding up the game play a bit while keeping to the spirit of the rework from 2 years ago:

1. Glyphs deal damage once, I can understand the philosophy but I think then they should continue to deal damage once to the enemy in that round but when they start or end their turn on the glyph.

2. Glyphs are offense related, water is doing something defense related, this is not good, there are better options on the Feca to get the same job done despite those options having somewhat overkill restrictions on them. I get the theory though; it's similar to magma having armor, but magma is a pull effect. I also understand why magma wants you not to use wakfu the turn to gain those benefits but this is a clever but I think wrong approach to the methodology.

The main problem with water glyphs is the -mandatory- passive increased glyph, it is mandatory  once equipped and the wakfu cost does not I think see any merit in a skill on an attack move that is seemingly expecting a turn 2 or at least enemies to survive it.

A quick and dirty solution would be to scale up the damage from water and scale down the resistance buff, but to stay in line with River Glyph how about instead the element resist and mastery of the enemy is reduced by a percent that can stack. Instead of the drastic 25% it can be 1-5% based on the AP of the move used and stack until a max of 25%.

3. Earth removes MP based on AP cost of the last earth spell used on the glyph. To begin with glyph placement is sub-optimal because you cannot place them under a target, this can be seen as a restriction innate to Feca Glyph usage and looms over the offense Feca like the guillotine. So placement to best benefit from the -MP is harsh, further my idea moots the point of Earth Glyph -MP since if the target ends its turn on the Glyph then the -Movement is pointless. Instead I believe having the target suffer a -1,-2,-3 Movement when they first move on a glyph should suffice. The -Movement could be based on AP 1-2AP, 3-4AP, 5AP.

Summary: Feca is much easier to play when played as a Tank. I don't play it as a tank; I think it is interesting and I find it fun to play them as they are right now though, where you can dabble into doing damage. I just believe that for many reasons it would make their offense more viable if their runes did damage either when the target starts or ends their turn on a rune in that round and only once that round from that rune.

Alternatively: Feca Rune deals damage at the end of the Feca's turn to whatever is on their rune and then deal damage to any new targets on their rune at the start of the Feca's next turn.
Example A: Enemy A is on Rune A, Feca ends turn, Enemy A is damage by Rune A.  Enemy A moves and is standing on Rune B, Feca turn starts, Enemy A takes damage from Rune B.
Example B: Enemy A is on Rune A, Feca ends turn, Enemy A is damage by Rune A. Enemy A does not move and is standing on Rune A, Feca starts turn, enemy A is NOT damaged by rune A.

Thank you for your time and this wonderful game, I hope I was considerate enough but likely my feeble wisdom on this topic may result is something being over or under powered so please consider this all with a grain of salt.

Hello, this is part 2 of my 1st post, here I will give the validation and hopefully perspective on why Feca needs to be updated:

"By placing different types of glyphs on the ground, Fecas encourage their opponents to avoid certain areas or face the consequences".

Opponents do not need to avoid glyphs in 2022.

While most classes have 3 applicable kits; Feca's kit  used to be Tank, DPS, Control. The DPS was eliminated in favor of Support, but with DPS eliminated their Control has also been made ineffectual.

While old Feca was possibly too good at DPS, what I am suggesting is not boost to DPS but a boost to Control. Making it so objects that END THEIR TURN on glyphs suffer damage if they didn't take damage from starting their turn on a glyph that turn is to me giving Feca back a role it should have.

I would further argue that objects that start their turn and/or first enter and end their turn on a glyph should take half the damage the 2nd time they get hit so as to incentivize moving off the glyph.

This suggestion is not a plea for DPS, just that Feca to my knowledge has an incomplete kit or control should probably be removed from the list of possible play types.

To my knowledge there are 2 control abilities on Feca which are generic enough to be consistently applied; Provocation and Earth Glyph . I argue Earth Glyph doesn't count since opponents cannot avoid the effect and according to Feca's control description their Control comes from ZONING power.

Zoning: Intentionally keeping distance/pressure on your opponent, either reading their style or forcing them into playing a certain way. Adaptive to close combat situations and able to make good on big damage opportunities. (sic)
see also: " Zoning refers to fighting game tactics centered around keeping the opponent at a specific distance. " - SF wiki

Consideration: In my further argument of there being 3 instances where damage is possible:
1. Start Turn on Glyph
2. First enter Glyph
3. End Turn on Glyph

Comparison to DPS:
I would suggest that base damage should be reduced 5~10%. In PVM situation by level 100 a Xelor should in an AoE push on the first turn 10k dps on enemies of their level, and 9k dps on enemies at a slightly higher level. (This is base, not counting critical hits). The consistency of that level of DPS is much higher than Feca because of how Xelor targeting works.

Feca with gear at level 100 will put out 3.5k dps to enemies of their level on average, this means times when you get 5 enemies in your aoe and times when you get 1. A Feca isn't always going to hit 5 enemies every AoE they cast. Against enemies of a slightly higher level the dps drops in a similar way to Xelor.

According to my suggestion of the 2nd hit being 50% of the original power the average dps would give a 15-50% increase in average dps (objects could simply move out of the glyph to avoid the 2nd hit). 50% assumes you hit the 2nd time 100% of the time, so I think the more realistic number is 20%.

So lowering the base AP to Power conversion on Glyphs by 10-20% should keep Feca DPS the same while returning its control mechanic.

Finally: If this isn't addressed, I'd really like it if Control is removed from the Feca description or if someone might explain what I missed here.

Also I am not counting things like Magma and Magnetism as Control, because those are Positioning which is has it's own descriptor and Feca does not have that:


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