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Stop increasing base level and increase gear level

By BubbleTzzz#4871 - MEMBER - June 20, 2022, 07:19:07

I'm sorry i wrote this in general but meant to post it in suggestions. I dont know how t move it I'm sorry.
Im just throwing a bunch of suggestions but i'd love to hear everyones thoughts.

the idea would be - no more level cap increase, and have gear level instead. you can continue to upgrade level 230 gear with materials from dungeons or quests, so once someone has completed their gear build with all the sublimations and slots they can continue to upgrade gear level for power boosts only for PVM NOT PVP  and maybe if you hit a gear level milestone it will give you some perks like +1 skill point, or unlock another passive slot. (might look something like this)
level 230 hat > upgraded +1
level 230 shoulders > upgraded +1
level 230 chest > upgraded +2
level 230 belt > upgraded +3
level 230 shoes > upgraded +1
level 230 rings > upgraded +4
level 230 necklace > upgraded +1
Total gear level = 13

+1Skill point Unlocked at Gear level +5
Passive Slot Unlocked at Gear level +10
New Addition to Aura or color Unlocked at Gear level +50 (i think its still important for players to see the relic aura still, so maybe it increases the size of the aura or changes the color or adds electricity on top of the aura)
Mount Unlocked at Gear level +100
Run Unloccked at Gear level  +300
Dungeon Entrance unlocked at Gear level + 10
Unlock 1month subscription Gear level +100
Unlock Costume Gear level +500

To enter newer content dungeons there could be a minimum gear level to enter, maybe something like this-
New Dungeon Entry Requirement =  level 230 and +10 Gear level.
It would also be pretty cool for all lower level dungeons to have a hellmode, so for example a level 100 dungeon has a hell mode but you need to be level 230 gearlevel +15 to enter and that way you can keep fighting older bosses and the devs can create new mechanics to those dungeons for 230+ players
The point of this method would be so players can have an end game, but continue to build and progress their gear without having to throw away their endgame gear and start over every level increase. its extremely expensive to change gears every time and takes a lot of work for players to  reupgrade when level cap increases. If new equipment comes out and players want to switch gear thats fine, maybe have a gear level transfer station, where they can transfer the  +10 gear to the newer item, but all the sublimations and slots they would have to redo. I think it wouldn't be fair if players were allowed to transfer slots, cuz if you found a level 230 common gear and it rolled a 4slot, people would just transfer that to the legendary gear, or to prevent that from happening maybe slots and sublimations can only be transfered to same rarity gear, legendary to legendary or relic to relic. gear level should be transferable cuz its just a representation of how long a player has been playing basically, kinda like omega levels, you don't lose omega levels. If a player decides to switch an item cuz it works better for their build, or the devs decide to release a new item, at least they only have to swap out 1 gear instead of an entire set with a level increase.

This is kind of a similar idea to Dofus and OMEGA levels but a slightly more fun take on it. Players would still feel progression because they would continue to farm materials from doing harder and newer dungeons, they would build on their gear it would make their gear stronger only for PVM dungeons but the dungeons would be harder and harder. Maybe players at lvl 230 gear level +0 can join those Newer dungeons too but theres a negative effect for not having the correct gear level. Maybe something like take 5% burning damage every turn, or -1mp -1ap every turn, but with correct gear level you have 0 negative effects.

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hahaha, I was looking for this! I could have sworn it was in general.
Like I said before, the issue I have with Gear Leveling equipment is you won't be able to sell gear with "gear level" attached. Example - if you had a 230 hat and upgraded it with gear level +20, someone who just turned 230, shouldn't be able to buy a level230 +20 hat. 

I like the idea of having different ways to keep progressing, and gaining more power for harder and harder dungeons, I like the idea of having a "hell mode" or something like that for older dungeons that give it a new spin on old dungeon (I know theres ALS but im talking about end game level230 content) maybe new mechanics, but would save devs from creating new monsters and new maps, new dungeons, for new content. 

I know someone mentioned in the previous thread that they don't mind increasing level cap every time, but i really don't think thats a solution, and thats such a selfish way to look at the game. 
yeah sure having newer and newer level cap to reach is great for some players, but thats only because end game players only have to reach 15 more levels. going from 215 to 230 doesn't seem like a big deal... but it actually causes so many problems for all players old and new. 

unlocking 4 slots, colors, order of colors, sublimating all items, enchanting items with runes, sharding, are all mechanics for min-maxing damage for "end game" gear. these mechanics are not made so a level 35 player can sublimate, enchant, and slot their level 35 gear, this system is in the game so end game players can finalize their end game gear to maximize damage, hp, armour and resistance. 

for the people that say "why do new players need to catch up, if you want to play with friends you can do ALS" well then why should they make newer and newer content for end game? you can just keep doing ALS! because ALS sucks! No body who plays MMO's wants to feel weaker! why would I want to go backwards in progress? I want to feel strong with my friends or new players, but if the level cap is level 500 and it keeps increasing it makes it harder and harder for new players to make it to level500 without quitting before they get there. thats why other mmos have catchup mechanics, it exists in games for a reason. 

New content, new dungeons, new quests, new maps, new class, new bosses, new challenges, new gear is all great and welcomed!!!! people love it!!! but if the solution to having all of those things is by increasing level cap, thats a double edge sword. new contents great but whats the point, when the only people who would ever see it are the people who only need to level 15 more levels from 485 to 500? all the levels 1 - 400 players are going to quit before they can see the new content.  increasing max level just increases the distance other players need to catch up to end game, and is there even an end game if the level cap keeps increasing?

230 isn't a bad cap to stop increasing, its high enough to be challenging, but not high enough that players cant reach it.

Increasing levels forces players to abandon old gear, its not giving them the choice. coming out with newer and newer level 230 gear is great, players that already have level 230 gear can switch and rebuild that item with runes and sublimations if they want to, its their choice, but if you increase the level cap to get new gear, then they are forced to ditch their old gear because its weaker, at least if its old 230 gear vs new 230 gear, the power level doesnt increase, its just purely based on build.

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