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Mechanics Tab (Like Dofus), please!!

By Lorienom#4928 - MEMBER - June 17, 2022, 18:51:34

Hello everyone! To be succint(or not that succint...): a tab on character sheet like Dofus, with the character mechanics and explaining the in-battle skills(like Gobgob, Dragon...) that you cannot find information just in the spells tab or character sheet.. Example: Osamodas could have a tab with a text explaining the summon mechanic and tips on what change when you transform into dragon. Sacrier could explain how his rage build up and works. Zobal could have a place to explain the masks and other mechanics. All of them explaining how does the character can heal himself(the autoheal mechanic) and how does he recover Wakfu. This tab could replace the outdated books we receive as we start with one new character and be used as a changelog, with the main changes of the last updates on that class, just like the devblog and so. Please Ankama, this can be a game changer for new players. Love your games and I've been playing them since beta and I'm having a bad time inviting new people as they think the game has complicated ways to understand its mechanics. 

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