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We need solution for mining

By ApmasTo#9964 - MEMBER - May 23, 2022, 00:01:34
Hello, nowdays in wakfu we have a big conflict while trying to mine (especially for rare nodes), certain people camp useful spots those nodes that basically are used for Ruin or other sublimation and don't mine for themselves, but lurking around going after you and trying to snipe only rare nodes, it's easy for them because you most likely will be busy with another node.

This is very toxic behavior and really requires a solution, because while you trying your best, you always see somebody getting rich from your hard work. Those people camping all useful spots every single day, not a time or two, we can't get certain resources.
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You can make your mining route so that you always come before anyone else can snipe your rare ore.
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You don't mine do you
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Agree. A possible solution would be to remove the shiny particle from resources, so that you don't know in advance if you are about to mine a shiny or not.
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Shaper#6370|2022-09-08 00:13:39
You don't mine do you

I do, and many times I shorten my route so that I don't have to deal with competition. Maybe it doesn't work like that for some ores idk, I have been mining only lvl 230 ores lately.

Shaper#6370|2022-09-08 00:14:13
Agree. A possible solution would be to remove the shiny particle from resources, so that you don't know in advance if you are about to mine a shiny or not.

This is a really good idea, not really sure how hard would it be to put it in the game
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I mean they could just make the rare drop a %chance on mining instead of on spawn.
Would be kinda boring, but more "fair".
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I agree with the post, someone was following me and just stealing rares before I got back around the mining rotation. The best suggestion I've read in this thread so far is to make the rare effect be invisible. Even if you make a cut to the mining pattern it severely slows the mining process to getting a rare as the drop chance is already as low as it is. I need the rares for my crafting stations and it is far too expensive to buy them.
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As a solution to this i think a good idea is to remove particles from all nodes on gathering profs and to implement some sort of a gacha system like for example each node has a 95% chance of giving a normal resource and 5% chance of giving rare and all bonuses only affect base quantity like they do already like for example if by base you were to harvest lets say 2 normal and 1 rare ore with 100% bonus you would harvest 4 normals and 2 rare. If this gets implemented in game campers wouldnt be able to just follow people who farm seriously and steal only rare nodes and people who actually farm will get rewarded for doing it the way it was originally intended.
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Welp, since the post got necro's I want to show a suggestion I made some years ago on how to improve both mining and fishing since both professions work in a similar way: Click here

Basically, I propose to make mining and fishing nodes interactable up to 5 times, similar to how flowers and trees work with "Stages" or "Phases". Everytime you mine or fish a new ressource would be generated which could be normal or rare (while keeping the odds).

This would virtually increase the amount minerals and fishes available in every area x5. You would no longer have to race other players, it would reduce the theft of rare ressources, reduce the toxicity that's often generated in common farming spots, give more time for the nodes to regenerate making the ressources more available and, ultimately, allow multiple players to play in peace.

It would be a nice change overall in my opinion using the elements that Devs already have without having to do a huge rework to the system which would consume more invaluable time from the team.

In short, I guess it would be something like drastically reducing the time it takes for a mineral or a fish to spawn to 1 second with a longer cooldown after 5 interactions.
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Great idea! It would also look cool if the amount of gathering actions remaining was indicated visually. Like a big crystal or a large amount of fish in the pool if it was full and little scraps of ore/just one single fish if there was just 1 action remaining ^^
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