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Changes in wild pvp

By AbissalColorss#8103 - MEMBER - May 17, 2022, 14:27:27

Hello Wakfu players,i'm thinking about wild pvp these days and i have points and things to propose to be a better pvp with pact and u can have prizes if u are a most pvm player or pvp like player.

My first point for pvp is,people needs to want fight against other player,the actual pact is not about it,the people stall parties or dont want to do fight,many activy pacts for pure % of drop or xp,it's not pvp,its a another way to farm the loot for other people xD, and the other reason can be to do 230 set for 6 chars and the people doesnt want to do alot of sets to do pact or pvm,pvm always gives u more reward,well,said that, i have an idea about this issues,to do people fight against others,wants to redeem their prizes farming in pvm.

My first is create a obrigatory pact arena 3v3,u cant dodge it,if u want using pact and collecting more loot from it,u need to fight agains other to win your loot(or the loot of the another person),more or less 2 hours of battle camp, u needs the minimum of 1 hour on battle camp to redeem your loot,puting an pact altar in mid of map to taper people in one objective,and doing people fight against other,the people will fight against other anyway,u needs to survive with your loot,or u can be fight to steal loots (good loots).

3x3 is a the unique way u can do solo,or with a friend if u separe a vacancy from him,and it's more equilibrate and u waste less time in one fight (opening a way to you have more fights in one batle pact camp) and it's more easy to grind and to do a pvp team ,actual 6 is not the way for more ''casual'' people.

The pact collect is 25% instead of 50%,but your collect maintain 25% of your loot in pact inventory,not xp gained from that,the unique reason,i think it works,is u dont have much to loose,(but u will have),and it incetive you to go a pact camp and extract your loot,if u dont do use,u cant use pact for your invetory is fulled,u will need to survive anyway,cant avoid fight (if have people interested on your loot),and about the xp is because, dont have a reason to have xp in pact,xp is a form of u learn about your class,and play the game,xp is gaining killing mobs or doing quests,pvp doesnt need a form of farm xp,it's not naturally form to obtain xp,just it.

My final considerations is ,u can do just a party of pvp players and wins enormous prizes without think if that people have some or not or waste your time in people wanting to dodge and not fighting,pvp is good if u have a good fight with other guy,if the other wants to fight,u will have a fun and a decent reward system,have a nice day all.
(sorry for my bad english,i'm not a native english player)

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