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Xelor's distortion

By cody5#2705 - MEMBER - May 12, 2022, 18:16:18

It feels like distortion is so strong it shapes the whole xelor meta around it:
1. Everyone builds ST mastery, because distortion always deals ST damage even on AoE spells, so i makes AoE spells worth using even in a full ST build. So why woud you even take AoE mastery?
2. It makes indirect damage spells much less viable, because they can't trigger distortion, so their damage output of is much lower then direct damage.
3. It deals more damage the more AP you have, since it increases the damage of all spells you cast on the turn after casting it, so you get even more damage per AP the more AP you have.

So I think it would be healthy for the xelor class to rework this spell a bit.

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I don't agree.

The spell is strong because it is expensive, it really starts to add up if you cast it everyturn and that's something that you need to learn to manage from lower levels. I think Xelors need a reliable way to deal consistent damage, specially those turns when you are unable to stand on the current hour and stack all the bonuses from your passives. It is incredibly easy for the class to make their damage go to waste by miss counting their ressources or moving an extra cell around the dial, Distortion can easily compensate your damage in many scenarios. 

Besides what it might look like on the outside, casting Distortion consistently and avoiding running out of WPs needs some preparation specially on long battles against bosses without the need of, eventually, missing a whole turn to recover them.

I admit I dont't like it 100% because I dont like the idea of certain spells having a fixed slot on everyone's deck but it is something that, imo, really helps the class as it is right now.

What would you give the class instead?

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Honestly, considering xelor is currently the best damage dealer in the meta, a slight nerf probably wouldn't hurt them that much.
But depending on how much the spell would be changed, maybe a slight increase of the base damage of the other spells.
Maybe also a buff of some of the undrused passives, but on the other hand, i feel like some of those passives aren't seeing use specifically because they don't synergise well with distortion, but that's neither here nor there.

As for "distortion is for when you can't use the current hour, I compltely disagree, distortion is mainly used when on the current hour and even to position the current hour. I like the mechanic of distortion being cheaper if you don't use it, but using it every turn is still more efficiant a the moment due to it's immense power.
And "it is good because it makes the class strong" isn't really an argument in favour of it's design. If the class is bad without relying on it, then it's just a crutch.

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First off, regarding "distortion", because using it every single turn effectively means casting a 5 AP spell (3 AP from the spell cost + 2 AP you save at the end of the turn to convert into 2 WP for ad infinitum usage), in my opinion, the frequency of usage of the spell depends on the player. Some players obsessed with both the AP/WP economy and damage/AP ration of spells (such as myself) might prefer not using the spell very often for various reasons, other players just use it because "it makes me do more damage!" without thinking about the consequences in further turns because fights are usually short and "gotta do big damage very fast!" is a very important aspect for competitive play, others players use it simply because there's nothing that really disencourage it's use since there's no conditions to satisfy or restrictions to it.

cody5#2705|2022-05-13 21:36:49
Maybe also a buff of some of the undrused passives, but on the other hand, i feel like some of those passives aren't seeing use specifically because they don't synergise well with distortion, but that's neither here nor there.

With regards to the amount of "under-used" passives, I want to give my opinion. But first let's look at the Xelor's passives: 
  • Some passives only have utility in very specific scenarios, i.e. they don't have reasonable utility in most situations.
  • Some passives that only have utility in very specific scenarios can become viable in other scenarios, but only, and only if used together with other specific passives.
  • Some passives don't have synergy with other passives.
  • Some passives have a strong synergistic relationship with other passives, i.e. they are too good to not use together.
  • Some passives provide very powerful bonuses with negligible or mitigable cost.
  • Some passives directly influence the play style of the user.
The thing is that: Since passive slots are limited, some passives and combination of passives become too bad to use. 
Why? Because by using an interesting combination of passives to deal damage in an unique and refreshing fashion, you are effectively gimping YOUR DAMAGE because they either require set-up or aren't that powerful as "certain" other combinations.
And by those "certain" other combinations, I mean those combinations that include both the passives that are "too good to not use together" and "provide very powerful bonuses with mitigable cost".
And back to "distortion", some of the class's passives aren't used not because they don't synergyse well with "distortion", since in fact, no passive has direct effect on "distortion", unlike with the "dial", "sinistro", "cog", AP removal spells and indirect damage spells. But as you said, "that's neither here nor there".
If the aim is to make people stop mindlessly spamming distortion due to the "me do more damage with no additional conditions" aspect of the spell and also provide more passive combination diversity, my answer would be to add an effect that alter the effects of "distortion" (to directly influence the play style of the user) in one of the "too good to not use" passives, e.g. "Portent", and also additionally add a synergistic effect with some of the "under-used" passives. Here are some example of effects:
  • "Distortion" deals no additional damage for water element spells or if the target was teleported at the end of the spell, per AP removed by the Xelor during the turn; the Xelor gains +x% damage inflicted for the next turn.
  • "Distortion" has an increased AP/WP cost but now removes 1 AP per AP/WP used by the spell instead of dealing additional damage at the end of the spell per AP/WP used.
  • "Distortion" now deals additional per AP removed on the target at the end of the spell instead of dealing additional damage at the end of the spell per AP/WP used.
  • "Distortion" deals damage but now becomes similar to Sacrier's "Motion Sickness" and as such will only deal damage on a teleport instead.
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I don't think adding passives that make distortion more conditional is the best solution, but yeah i agree that some passives are too good to no use (portent and counterclockwise) while some are entirely too situational (course of time and asimilation).

My point was more that people use AoE spells on ST builds just to trigger distortion and don't use indirect damage because it doesn't trigger distortion.

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Just throwing a random idea: What if Distortion, with maaaaybe a damage nerf, dealt Light/Stasis damage instead of fixed fire to favour builds that prefer other elements aside from Fire? or dealt the element of the spell used.

And while Passives that change it's effects could overcomplicate it, would be nice to have a passive that simply adds something to Distortion, like AoE damage on it or converting it to INDIRECT damage so you can chip away armor and health at the same time and buff it with Shriveling+Ruin.

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Honestly, I think it could just deal the same "shape" of damge then the spell that triggers it (ST for ST, AoE for AoE)

Personally I like the idea of it dealing light damage or trigger damage, but I don't know if it would make sense to have it as a fire branch spell at that point? Might have to move it to the grey spells.

But yes making it deal AoE damage would probably be quite funny, especially if it can also hit allies.
I wouldn't make it indirect tho, feels kinda unfair.

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