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2 different types of punishment in pacts (pvp)

By Saanctum#7566 - MEMBER - January 17, 2022, 10:50:17
I think game needs 2 different outcomes for attacking and defending sides when they lose. Im myself usually attacking but even then i still understand how unfair it is for ppl with actual loot to die and lose it all while i myself
got nothing to lose and  just need to kill 1 mob in less than a minute and then activate pvp again.
Just so you understand my thinking process:

Ppl that are attacking doing that cos:
1) greedy for loot obviously 
2) stall so someone else can do whatever
3) for the fun of it
Ppl that defend:
1) Carry loot and dont want to lose it
2) Just passing by
3) Were AFK or just didn't react in time

So who deserves an ACTUAL punishment. And by actual i mean at least 1-3h of prison or a something like 300-500 kamas to get out of jail without waiting OR leave stones gathering just increase amount of them that you need to gather/ while ppl who were defending should probably dont even go to prison bcos i dont see why they should.
This would make people think twice before attacking and pretty sure make game slightly healthier 
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Well the defending players get a ton of free loot from playing like normal and the attackers have to actually fight to get anything and then have to defend themselves from other attackers to actually get that loot.
But yeah I don't think you should go to jail if you die when you are attacked, you already lost your loot.

Also 1-3 hours is ridiculously too much, but 300-500 kamas is chump change at higher lvls
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well getting into prison is something you supposed to be scared of and how currently prison works definitely dont give that feel. Also i meant 300 000 - 500 000 but yea maybe its a bit too much since pacts are for all lvls from 1 to max
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