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Localize (translate from ID) item names on chat messages on the receiver side, rather than the sender

By arumori#3304 - MEMBER - January 13, 2022, 11:39:36

Hello! I hope everyone is having a great year and that it'll keep getting better! (Maybe new years message is a bit late, sorry.)

I'm a returning player, from Remington. And well... I'm sorry, I'll go directly to the point:
It's a pain to know/learn what items people are linking in trade channels because their names are different than what the game shows me.

I also apologize for the quick suggestion but I wanted to say it could be like what I saw in some other games.

The process goes like this:
- Linking an item to a chat message works visually like currently in Wakfu.
- But, internally, that message has a hidden item ID instead of name, along with the item details.
- When viewing the message, including the sender, the game would pick the correct item name based on your locale/language.

I wanted to give this suggestion because along with others (language channels) it would improve the returning/new player experience a bit since we could feel quite lost.

Even with language channels we could still have client-side localized item names. This way any player from any language could potentially trade with others by checking other language channels because they can easily understand what is being traded. Then, after that, very simple terms can work for a simple negotiation, we rarely need to discuss with great depth when trading items online anyway.

- When player sends message it'll internally be "like" this: "WTS [#name$details$etc]" instead of [?] "WTS [#My Fancy Armor$details$etc]".
- When viewing messages, everyone, including who is typing and sending the message, will see [My Fancy Armor] or [Mon Armure de Fantaisie] (sorry for FR google translate), depending on what language they have configured.

Current workaround:
- Right click every item that may have a term that is similar to what you're looking for, it's still confusing.

- It's an item, not a chat message, just part of it, it should be localized properly. If the item is part of a message+item joke we already lost the context because of language barriers.

From my experience the worst to identify are costumes.

- Allow linking map regions altogether with localized names. I saw recently someone wanting to translate "ilha pup" or something and that would end up being Calamar Island. Ankama, how am I supposed to know that?

Allowing people to link whatever region they might be calling others to go grind together would ease the community interaction. This would avoid confusion for the sender and the receiver of these messages and potentially help group finding.

TL;DR 2/Optional TL;DR: Well, modernize the game a bit regarding languages/localization.

Sorry, this ended up quite long and I understand it's not a proper language for suggestions etc, sorry. I just wanted to get this out of my mind and leave it here in case it's a helpful feedback.

Thanks too, for reading and for your time!

I hope you're having a great week and a great day!

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