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(Suggestion) Electoral reform 2021

By majus04#2091 - MEMBER - November 24, 2021, 04:22:17
Read please:  This post was made in the forum in Spanish and was translated into English with google so there may be things wrongly translated so an apology for that, also this post was made to share it so that more people can see it and here I am sending you the suggestions site of the forum in Spanish from the origin of this shared. publication: https: //

Hello to all the people who play wakfu, I wanted to give a couple of suggestions about the current democratic system that has caused so many problems and controversies since it was implemented in the game, so I will start by explaining the current democratic system, its flaws and at the end I will give my suggestions. for if someone from the ankama team is going to see this post.
Current democratic system (2021)
Good to begin with the democratic system that I am referring to are the governor elections that take place every 2 weeks in which people can elect a governor to take charge of the government managing the economy, territories and etc. With what I will explain in a summarized way how one can vote in elections and what are the problems of this system.
-To be able to vote
  • First: to vote for a governor, first of all, you have to have the benefits package, whether it be for the week or the month, because without it you cannot vote, so it is mandatory to have it if you want to vote.
  • Second: Once you have the benefits package, you have to wait two weeks, which is how long the governor's term lasts.
  • Third: When the governor's mandate ends, you will be given a notice from the nation to which you belong that will tell you to vote for your next governor so you go with a clan member from either the capital or the territories controlled by your nation.
  • Fourth: When you have arrived with the member of the clan, click on it and 3 options will appear, which are, Information of the territory, elections and talk, you choose the option of elections with which the candidates for governor will appear with what you choose candidate, since the one with the most votes wins.

Already finished explaining how the current voting system works, now I will explain what the problems of this system are.

-Problems with the voting system
  • Votes for a few: Because to be able to vote you need the benefits package, many people cannot vote because of that with what remains in the hands of politics, people who can put money into the game when it should be that people who like their nation and watch over their welfare should be able to vote.
  • Positions with few conditions: Another of the things that affect democracy are the conditions to be in charge in a government position, currently to be able to have a position in the government you need at least 100 citizenship points and for governor you need 1000 points of citizenship and obviously belong to the nation in which you want to take the position, due to this the government of that nation would have problems of vulnerability and stability because any person belonging to another nation but with a different character would cause problems for the nation in which is in charge of the interests of the other.
  • An account 13 votes: This is one of the quite serious problems about voting and it is that an account can vote more than once in a nation because the ankama democratic system counts the secondary characters as independent players with what that an account can vote more than once because of that, which can lead to electoral fraud.
  • 2 Positions at the same time: Because the system counts the secondary characters as independent players, a person can have up to 2 government positions at the same time but with different characters.
  • Foreign intervention: As I said in the previous paragraph, because the system counts secondary characters as unique players, people belonging to other nations can vote or have opinions in another's nation using secondary characters.
  • Refusal to comment: When you press the letter (n) a window appears with the government information, in a part it says government popularity in which players can vote positively, negatively or neutrally on a government either to keep it or remove it, but there is a problem in which if you did not vote in the elections, you cannot give an opinion on the government later, so that causes a lack of votes to be able to maintain or remove a government.

-Suggestions to solve these problems 
  • Voting for all: I suggest that in order to vote the benefits package is not needed, it is one of the most important things since this would open the doors to politics to many players who do not have funds to be able to spend on a benefits package and ankama should not intervene in political matters of the players as they do with the package, with this suggestion the elections to governor would be made by all the players belonging to that nation instead of only being in the hands of a few.​​
  • One account one vote: The suggestion is simple, that only one (ip profile) per account is taken into consideration for the votes, that the secondary characters are allowed to be taken into account as players to prevent them from voting and that if you have already voted you cannot to vote again in another nation until the term of the governor of that nation is over, this will avoid many controversies and problems related to electoral fraud and the intervention of another nation.
  • More conditions for a position and vote: That the conditions be raised to have a position in the nation and to be able to vote, my suggestion for this are the following:
  1. -Belonging to a nation (amakna, brakmar, bonta or sufokia).
  2. -The points to be able to have a minimum position in the government have to be 10,000 points.
  3. -That the character who is either the main or the secondary minimum has to have 720 hours of activity with the nation that he belongs to in order to vote and to be able to have a position in the government (it does not count if you carry him as a secondary character).
  4. - to be able to vote at least 1000 citizenship points.

With this suggestion, it will help to verify that the players are really citizens who have already been in the nation for a long time or at least that they dedicated the time to it and will prevent a person from another nation from changing their nationality with one of their characters, preventing them from intervening unless that meets the conditions.
  • One account a position: If you have already met the aforementioned conditions and you have a position in the government, you cannot have another position in government with another character or in another government until the governor's term ends, you resign or until they take you out.
  • Have a free opinion: That you can comment either positively or negatively of a government regardless of whether you voted or not, this will help more people to have an opinion.

- Conclusion
The current electoral system needs an update to solve these problems that it has in order to give the citizens of these nations an opportunity and help the nations to strengthen themselves politically.

  • -Do you really have to have the benefits package in order to vote? if there is no other way to vote, it can be any package but it has to be a package.
  • -Do you need the benefits package to be able to have a position in the government? for governor yes, but for the other positions you just need your governor to choose you.
  • -Are the conditions for a position or voting not very high? Yes, but it is a necessary measure since people who have not been in a nation for a long time and do not have a minimum interest in the nation would only harm other people.
  • -Did you lose the elections or why are you doing this post? I have not participated to become governor nor have I taken over a position of any nation, I am just doing this post because the problem of the elections is a serious important issue because it has been without any solution for a long time.
  • -Does the political system of nations occupy changes? Definitely.
  • -Why didn't you put more images in the publication? Because for some reason that I do not know, the pc does not let me put screenshot images and apart from that I want to send this publication to the other forums with what is easier for me that the fewer images the better (obviously in each forum with different language they have to have the corresponding language because otherwise it would be inflicting the rules)
  • -Are these suggestions all yours? Some are mine but others are from other people who had already given their opinion on this topic. I just put them in this publication but I am not going to put the links because of the necro publication and because I want to publish this in other forums. -
  • Will this change have an impact on the political system? Superficially yes, but the current political system in general needs quite profound changes due to the irrelevance and little use that it provides.
  • -Would Ankama be affected by taking away the vote on the benefits package? No, it would not affect it at all because people buy the package for exp, heroes and ect, they do not buy it to be able to vote with what they remove it will not have a negative effect since people do not care that it is in the package only cares about the other benefits.
  • -Is it possible for ankama to make this political change without affecting its agenda with the game? The priority of the ankama agenda over politics is in the last places but this proposal only makes a change to the electoral aspect since the policy would need changes on the ecology, pvp, pvm, economy and ect with which to make a change to what electoral (soon) would give ankama a base to use in the future when making a total change to politics.
  • This question is for if someone from the ankama development team who has seen this post, ¿is there a possibility of a possible change to the electoral system?

Well that would be all people, if you have doubts, suggestions or want to discuss something about these suggestions and problems let me know to add it to this publication and please vote positively for this and share it among your friends who play wakfu and also share it on your social networks so that this reaches the ears of ankama that being united we become stronger.
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