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Turn wakfu into a moba

By blade85#2008 - MEMBER - November 16, 2021, 15:14:01

Ankama should turn wakfu into a moba, or atleast make effort in making a 5vs5/6/vs6 map

pros: will be extremely fun smile
          2 It will target the more casual players who are not that big fans of grinding but love ocasionally playing  wakfu 
          3. can balance classes based on pvp results
         4.  if anakama choses to build on this concept, the possibilities could be endless, for example:  organising tournaments with rewards/ different pvp modes / different maps etc.

Bonus: after a group with good synergy has succesfully done an dungeon, they could now chose to join a group pvp to fight other groups and see who'se superior team!

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Aren't all maps 6v6 by definition?
But yeah some kind of organised PvP mode woud definitely be fun.

I doubt they would make a moba tho, they are a lot of work to make and maintain.

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As a separated game, sure.

As a side-activity in Wakfu... I don't think it might work. Considering that Wakfu is a turn-based game, matches would last too much for it to be enjoyable, you could abuse the system by locking an enemy player in a fight and stall while your team advances through the lane. It would be too weighted to the DD playstyle and it would be too easy to ambush someone as soon as they finish a fight.

That being said, I like the idea of having an activity that requires you and your team to distribute around different parts to take over enemy bases to win, this would be an anti-hero activity and would need the cooperation of other players.

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