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Idea to make Wakfu more into a Teamplay game

By -Lekismon-#9818 - MEMBER - November 08, 2021, 20:42:51

As far i saw and hear'd in Wakfu is a main problem that people are "bored" because they don't know what to do as Lv.215 with 3 or more Characters and full geared while others just give up the game because it became to hard solo and they can't / don't like to afford a God booster to get Heroes Accounts.

(I probably make myself unpopular to spoke this suggest out but) I would recommand to remove the option to use multiple Characters of your Account also the use of Sidekicks.

Instead you gain new mechanics that relate to team up with others, a "Tag System" the idea is that you ask someone to become your Tag Partner like you would invate someone in a Guild, if he/she confirms it you are a Tag Team, You can enter a Tag's Partner fight from where ever you are right now. Also you can select special bonuses when you play a fight with a Tag Partner, for Example: "Tag bonus: Supporter. -30% Damage inflicting  +25% heals performed + 20% Armor giving + 50 Elemental Resistance -20% Dmg recieved" while your Partner use a bonus like "Tag bonus: Damage dealer". +30% Dmg inflicted +200 Elemental mastery +2 max AP - 250 Elemental Resistance - 200 rear resistance - 200 Criticial Hit Resistance.

Or a Bonus like "Tag Bonus: Tank" -50% Dmg inflicted +300 Elemental Resistance -20% Dmg recieved +30% heals recieve + 20 % Armor recieve.

Those bonuses you select and Equip like a Passive Spell and those only effect when your in a Fight with your linked Tag Partner.

Such bonuses also should be for Dungeon groups. With a group of atleast 3 till max 6 player you can make a "Hero Alliance" for the Dungeon run. You gain similar increases and decreases and can modulate more the role in a dungeon.

"Why make such a "Force" to bring people to team up, why make it impossible to use my alts?" before i get blamed and flamed for it... Those who longer play Wakfu surely realized that the most people just gone throught the whole game with themself + 2 alts and thats it. A MMORPG is not thought to be a solo 1 man group run. But the real problem is that players leave mostly because they hit the very point where they think "Leaving the game or pay for a god booster and than pay more to sell conversion stones and other stuff to have enough kamas to gear up and atleast can deal dungeons alone" The server merge and the less numbers of Player tell that most players selected already Nr.1

If Wakfu continue to be saw and wanted to play as "Me + 2 Alts Solo" Than we might hit a point where are just not enough players remain to be a real MMORPG.

Maybe some player recognize me from my daily messages in Wakfu "If someone need help with something (like quests or dungeons) ask me, maybe i can help. (goes for players with Lv.1 - Lv.170)" in Recruit channel, daily i hit players asking me to help in Dungeons, Quests and the most difficult problem. "Rikkiki Wand and Shhudoku" where you need 4 (none alts) players to solve the puzzle. I really bored myself when i hit Lv.215 and that just with my one and only character (Rogue). I started to help others because i was bored as hell and actually was close to give Wakfu up, but the gameplay with others made such a fun that i ask now with pleasure everyday. It's that MMORPG spirit we know from games Like WoW or Divnity Original Sin II. Wakfu has even more Potential than those 2 games but it really need that jump out of being a solo + alt game and become a real MMORPG. That new system should bring people to give it alteast a try.

I like to hear you guys opinion and suggest to it, if you have even more ideas to make Wakfu more MMORPG and less Solo + Alt characters than lets hear. Have fun and good luck in Wakfu.


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This belongs in the Suggestions section, not General discussion

Removing the hero system would solve a lot, but has a 0% chance of happening (as it's the main appeal of the booster, which makes ankama money)

But yeah, some sort of boost for 2 players playing together (2 diferent IPs?) would be great as an incentive (but maybe just bonus XP/loot, the stat boosts you suggested are imo way too powerful).

But also Please Finally Fix/Rework the Group Finder. Literally noone is using it.

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For now it's just for the principe of the idea, how the whole Tag Team and Dungeon Alliance bonus are is irrelevant aslong it stronges the spirit for working and playing as a team. (Yes 2 different IP's). When it's just for the money how want Ankama make it when Wakfu players quanity still going down and the game might die out?

P.S - Sorry for hitting the wrong posting section

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I don't think that removing the Hero/Sidekick system would do any good to the game, in fact I bet this is the main appeal to buy the Subscription for many and many have also be "saved" by this system allowing them to progress at their own rythm (e.g: people who play at night), and this is also where 99% of the company's income comes from. Even if it got somehow removed, it wouldn't matter, you can already have your own team of 6 by creating 6 different characters on 6 different accounts, or have 2 accounts and 4 Sidekicks. The Hero system is just a commodity to avoid doing that, that's what people were doing before the system was created and that's what they will start doing if it dissappears.

I think that most of the issues with the Multiplayer aspect of the game would be solved if Devs reworked the Party Finder. I mean, it is very unrealistic to have a game with over 100 dungeons such as Wakfu and expect players be able to quickly find parties to consistently farm any dungeon without a system like that. Don't forget that each bracket has multiple Dungeons of the same level, so while you are waiting for other players to join you to run The Frozen Tower, maybe they're also waiting for players to run Whirlway Station, Puddly, Castuc, Tormentor, Hagen Daz, and so on, all of these Dungeons share the same level requeriment (111) so this is an issue too and one of the reasons why you might not see many people doing certain dungeons. The players are waaaay to spread across the World of Twelve.

BUT, as I said, I think that reworking the Party Finder would be a HUGE step to fix this issue imo and keep a constant flow of players on the Dungeons. It wouldn't solve it entirely (cuz of the big amounts of dungeons that the game has) but it would be a good option. Imagine queueing for a random dungeon and receiving a daily bonus exp for doing so, or being able to automatically queue for a set of dungeons of your level opting-in/out the ones you aren't interested in. It would be great.


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And a way to check which dungeons have players listed or checking multiple dungeon listings (like a whole lvl range), nothing quite like clicking on every dungeon in sequence to see if anyone is waiting for it

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This game is at it's core design a team based game, but has MASSIVE QoL problems to achieve this.

Nothing is done to encourage/incentivise teaming up with other players easily, you have to go through so many systems and problems just to get a decent party going. (No proper party finder in 2021. Seriously???)

Not to mention that still, to this day, there's no sped up animations, shared initiative, Qued up actions, showing teammates exactly what you're going to do, there's absolutely nothing to cause even the most simplest of encounters to go faster other then an a-hole time limit that skips your turn instead of letting the AI control the afk player.

You go on FFXIV and do a dungeon or 2 in the span of 40-60 minutes, but in Wakfu it takes hours just to do one dungeon sometimes because of all these little mechanics that waste your time and the lack of QoL that slow everything down. Not everyone has time for that.

If Wakfu/Dofus didn't have a monopoly on the grid turn based MMO genre, they wouldn't exist right now.

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The pb is known and the fact thats jobs could afford to stuff by trading had probably made the thing ok for a time. 

Two/three ENORMOUS pbS actually:

-Dj are more and more with time spent a central featurz to progrese. Morevover even if the time to go trough a dj had been shortened, the numbers of tries to get things, or ways to obtain these didn't. 

So to make an assurance of being able to farm AT LEAST a 15/30 lvl range contents without questions of choice (fast grouping for coins of dj abd ressources) we need ways to groups.

Its not an option! 

-Jobs and wayz to get money efficiently decayz with time. Exept some stuffs wich are dificult to obtain wich mean u can put a correct price now we have to farm some ressources for hours to get 300 000 k. Wich actualy is nothing about stuffing. 

Drop became with time the most efficient way and without troubles to generate with good ratio kamas/time and exept somme craft from jobs, tons of people use the same items(cause making everybody free of doing all jobs farming all things by playing 6 chars decay the numbers of stuffs people need to buy to get them) 

-GETTING A CERTAIN LVL OF POWER (comparing to the max now enable) is now far more difficult than before to be competitiv. So it cost more money to the ccategori of people wich is the more in difficulty to generate kamas and cannot farm by themselves so totaly depending of their kamas to progress. 

Conclusion: it's Known but cause people will quit OR buy a mensual 6 eu they let the situation like this offering the strict minimum to be able to say: ''we did something and we care''


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I think that the change you propose will not change anything the flow of players who leave, but in fact it would increase the number of players who leave the game because it is difficult to move forward and even increase the number of people who form groups in reality. is that it would be the same result but with less profit for ankama and with greater rapidity that they leave the game.

the game at this time its main attraction is its dungeons and its main story that once the end has arrived and all the dungeons are finished, the players begin to decide whether to leave the game or continue but with the little that the game offers, players end up abandoning .

When the mmo players reach the highest level they start to pvp it is almost a rule but in this aspect the game does not cover it.

These would be the suggestions that personally I would like you to add to the game so that people decide to stay and that more people join the game.

1.-improve the quality of life: this has many variants but for example that you can pass your inventory to another character, that you can change merkasacos without having to change heroes or add searches to achievements, titles and emoticons (achievements and emoticons they will do it in the next update) and ect.

2.-add the pvp arena: this has been the most requested suggestion ankama

3.-that the GVG fights be added: this was a great attraction of the game before but ankama decided to remove it.

4.-change the system of conquests: the current system of conquests is very monotonous

5.-improve the system of demonic pacts: only high-level players use it but low-level players not for fear of being attacked by a level 200

6.-improve the political system: it has very little contribution to the players and is irrelevant

7.-improve the search system for mazmoras: this should be the most useful tool of all because the mainstay of the game are the mazmoras but this search system does not work.

8.-improve the outlaw system: this system is made to punish players but the truth is that it does not really have any relevance.

these would be the ideas that occurred to me that would enhance the appeal of the game.

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