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Stasis ladder problem and suggestions to improve

By Growlurg#6792 - MEMBER - November 01, 2021, 11:48:28
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im strongly agree if UB require keys/quest per character before players can access Dungeon like HushQuarter, Occulluge,Nogord . i think maybe king rushu UB will be example for this system.

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For players who say the exploiters are innocent for exploiting the ranking to make kamas and that's it's not their fault, I know players who found a big exploit where they could take Ogrest Tears quest unlimitedly without daily restriction, they could have made billions of kamas from selling the quest items, but they chose to keep trying to get to ankama staff until they received a response and the exploit was fixed days after it was appeared. Although it took effort and it needed to contact a developer directly for the exploit to be fixed, it was worth it and the staff were happy to learn about the exploit. There is nothing like the exploiter is not at fault, there's fair play and not ruining the game on others. Ruining the game will eventually make it an empty game and the exploiters would end up with no one buying on the market, just like what happened to wakfu now. Again that's an instant billions of kamas exploit and can't be compared to the ranking's, yet was reported immediately. Why, because the game would have been ruined and it won't be fun anymore. Players who like video games don't use exploits in mmo, there's no excuse for ruining the game on others.

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