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Give classes important stacks next to their HP bar

By cody5#2705 - MEMBER - October 25, 2021, 00:49:05

A ton of classes display their main stacking ability next to their hp (rage for ougi and sacrier, pints for panda, lucky day for eca, etc.).

Iop's main stacking mechanic is stacking their power, but it's delegated to the buff/debuff bar. I think it should be displayed in the center to make it obvious for new players.

There's also ther classes with important stats that could be delegated there easily:
Cra: Sharpened arrow
Sram: Weak point
Feca: Inner peace
Enutrof: Active mine
Hupper: Last generated rune
Eniripsa: Unnatural remedies (ON/OFF)
Xelor: Current hour (dial)

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With Xelor I think a marker for current hour doesn't feel necessary since you can easily see which hour is glowing, maybe Tick/Tock or stacks of Clock could be more helpful. Besides, now the Dial doesn't feel like a mandatory mechanic for the Xelor anymore. (ever tried running rear/mid-range with things like Simmetry, Deja Vu, Violent omens and Knowledge of the past? Trust me, you hit like a truck but you easily outmaneuver the dial)

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Well yes, but you can often have the dial without some hours if the cell is blocked, in which case yu can't see the glowing hour, that's why it's also in the status efects bar.

As for why dial and not tick tock or hour stacks, it's simply because the dial is a 3rd bar spell, while he other 2 are optional

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I support this idea. for me this is an important element
there is a similar topic in which many players have also expressed the need for each class to have this (for example eni)

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Ikr, I mean if they reused the bar from sacriers for ouguis and huppers, why not iops

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