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Weekly Quest Ideas for The Brotherhood of the Tofu

By LadyAnimare#4290 - MEMBER - October 10, 2021, 02:44:13

I love to visit the young members of The Brotherhood, and even though I have completed most of the achievements from the quests of Ruel and Goultard, I still make it a habit to visit them weekly. I can't help but wonder if the other members of The Brotherhood feel left out for not having their own routine quests.

So today I am here with a few ideas of different quests, you could complete for the members of The Brotherhood of the Tofu.
  • Quest:
    • When you visit Amalia in Sadida, she tells you that she wants to make flower crowns. She could ask the player to bring her an exotic flower, that cannot be found in Sadida. The player would have four days to a week to retrieve the flower and bring it to Amalia in her bedroom.
  • Prize: 1 Almoken
  • Achievement: A blueprint for the tailor profession, that teaches the player how to make, "Amalia's Flower Crown."
  • Quest:
    • When you visit Yugo in Emelka, he is reading his father's recipe book. Yugo could tell the player that he wants to surprise Alibert, by completing one of the recipes in the book. It would be the player's job to collect every ingredient and bring them back to Alibert's Kitchen in the inn during the span of four days to a week. In the kitchen of Alibert's Inn there is a large stove, to avoid the obstacle of having a low chef level, the stove could recognize what recipe Yugo requested and make an exception to successfully complete the recipe regardless of the player's chef level. To ensure that the player does not abuse the system, the stove could reward the player with an Almoken when a recipe is completed instead of the food Yugo requested.
  • Prize: 1 Almoken
  • Achievement: A blueprint for the chef profession, that would unlock a special recipe from Alibert's cook book.

And those are all the ideas, I have for quests so far! Feel free to discuss, what might be a suitable quest for Evangelyne, or if you have any ideas for quests of The Brotherhood of the Tofu!
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Love the achievements rewards ideas!

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