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Pacts are broken. Demanding Rework

By HeroOfMightAndMagic#7042 - MEMBER - October 08, 2021, 14:50:45

So pacts don't work. Some lvls 215 camp extraction points. I am baffled that this hasn't been fixed. I'm lvl 160 and being camped by lvls 215? Really? Was this the intention of the pacts? There is absolutely no fairness in it whatsoever. Give us a fighting chance at least, I don't mind losing if it's against a better player of my own lvl. But being camped by some max lvl people is just despicable.

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well, we all know that pacts are literally made to prevent max players who dont have anything to do from leaving the game (the devs kept making rules that protect max levelers ) , so i dont think the devs will make it fair for the rest of the players, sadly.

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Yeah, Pacts are pretty much an end-game activity to level up Heroes, characters in other accounts and to make Kamas (some loots can be huge sometimes).

It isn't truly an activity meant for solo or new players, you will just end up frustrated.

Remember that it is totally optional to participate in Pacts.

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I understand that it keeps some players interested in the game, but isn't it possible to satisfy both sides by enforcing mentoring system level adjustments? I think even high-level players would rather prefer to engage in fights that will pose at least some challenge.

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This can be easily fixed if they make it so you can only take stuff from people 20 lvls above or bellow you , and even that is not really fair but still better than having a max lvl trash preying on new people 

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