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Krozmaster Figurines

By TaoZen#1660 - MEMBER - October 07, 2021, 01:15:02
Some players, me included, still own in-game Krozmaster figurines from wayz back when the krozmaster boxes dropped a plenty and we could still use the Arena Game Tables.

We used to also have an item to put these figurines in/on, in our haven bag; that was pretty cool. Don't have that item anymore, because for some reason after being on hiatus for a couple of years away from Wakfu, it was gone upon my return. Did others lose their's, too? It was a display case.

Sometimes there is the rare krozbox on the marketplace, but it's useless stuff.

I propose Ankama to bring back these collectibles in the game, and the display cases. It's nice for the cool factor and something to collect, and Ankama can sell the display cases as an haven bag item. Same with the krozboxes, and have them drop perhaps or get them with your Almokens or something else.

Also, why not let Handyman be able to use Krozmaster figurines in a recipe to change them into usable haven bag statues?

Thank you.
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I seem to remember handymen having recepies to turn them to statues, idk why they were removed

Also weird that they removed the ability to take the figurines out of krosmaster into wakfu, considering krosmaster died and we can't use them there either now
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