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Improve Events for players

By Okarin#3581 - MEMBER - October 04, 2021, 05:30:41

With so many changes right now, and little to no events, it scares me that the game is in such a low number of players. Right now, on the server I play(Rubilax), it's getting harder and harder to make kamas, mostly because the playerbase of this game is getting smaller everyday.

I think we could do better with some events? Not focusing on all players, but maybe give events to people who's levels range from 1-150? I'm not even talking about Exp bonuses(but it could be).

Make Dungeons more attractive to players.

In my opinion, there are simple ways to give more incentive to players. We already have Boss Smasher, why not give more bonuses to this? Competitive can be very fun, and you could make it even better.

Right now, we have a Boss Smasher on course, it's Black Wabbit Emiw, on the Black Wabbit Dungeon. Why don't you give, until this Boss Smasher ends, a boost to every dungeon on this tier? What do I mean by that?

- Give every dungeon of Lvl. 126 a boost of 25% Exp and Drop
- This boost could be 40% when running the dungeon on Competitive

Increasing the drop on the main dungeon on competitive, while also giving a bonus to Exp and Drops to dungeons of this tier, would give players oportunity and incentive to farm for a set to do competitive in the same month.

I don't think this kind of event is that hard to do, since it would require little to no manutention on your end, so this makes it even better.

Improve Dungeon Finder

I don't think the interface on Dungeon Finder is bad, it's just that, with so many incentive to play solo, and no bonuses using this, it gets really forgotten.

You could just give bonuses depending on the number of players using this, with the number of players changing the bonus:

- 2 Players will gain 5% Exp and Drops.
- 3 Players will gain 10% Exp and Drops.
- 4 Players will gain 20% Exp and Drops.
- 5 or more Players will gain 30% Exp and Drops.

When I say Players, I mean the main character, not heroes. So heroes will not count towards this bonus. 

It's really hard to say if this will make dungeon finder be used, the problem with dungeon finder is that the game gives the player tools and incentive to play solo, so it's pretty hard to undo that I think.

Give Events that revolves around the most updated classes on the patch:

This could make players come back and even stay playing the game more often. In every patch you could make a little event for the featured class(or classes).

Give the player incentive to create or play with the changes that are made, with some quests or objectives:

- The class of the patch will gain a bonus of 10% Exp for the first 15 days of the patch
- For the first 15 days, if you run a dungeon with the recently changed class, you could earn an exclusive costume or any other reward.

Give us more bonuses at the start of every month: 

Since most likely the players will be on the game on the start of every month to check on the chests on competitive, why not give an incentive at the start of every month?

Give us the first weekend of every month a bonus of 25% Exp(Battles and professions) and Drops. This could make players stay way more in game, and I don't think this bonuses would hurt the economy or the game itself.

Mentor Finder:

Give us a system that revolves around the Mentor system. This could be almost the same as the Dungeon Finder interface. Here's how this could work:

- Players would queue on the Mentor finder, and the teams would be randomly be made.
- The party would be balanced to 2, 4 or 6 players(can be 3 mentors, 3 new players, but must have same or more new players). 
- This team will get a quest to complete a dungeon, and will be teleported to the dungeon, with Automatic Builds on.
- After the completion, the mentors would get Mentor tokens and exp according to their levels, and the new players will get Exp bonus and better drops on the dungeon.

This would give new players a little help on the game, while also giving incentive to old players.

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While i completely agree that group finder needs a rework, I feel that:
1. 30% bonus XP is way too much
2. Players will just make alt accounts instead of using heroes to get the bonus, loosing money for Ankama and being inconvenient for players
Maybe if it was IP based?

And a free cosume for every class rework seems a bit much, I could see them giving a free title tho.

But yeah, more minor events would be nice, I mean just look at Dofus's almanax system

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I do believe that 30% won't be enough to drive away players from using heroes, since premium already yields a greater exp bonus(50% Exp bonus) and drop(30% Drop bonus). Also, there is the Exp bonus to secondary characters, so there is that. I don't think most of the players would have patience to log on 3/6 accounts.

Even with this Exp bonus, it would not be enough to bring more players to use this system. I believe that with heroes in place on Wakfu, this is a really hard system to fix.

Since we are getting more content that targets smaller partys, maybe adding content for bigger partys would also work. Like content for partys of 9-12 people. I do believe that this could work, but maybe would be too time consuming. It would really need a test.

The other way to fix this, is making somekind of content for partys of 3-6 people, but not allow heroes in the party. I think they should start testing this kind of content outside of quests. Do a test dungeon that can be done only by a player and no heroes. Since this would be that way, this could also have a higher drop rate than a normal dungeon.

There would still be people that would have 2 accounts, I do, but at least you would still need 6 slots to make a team, so that's AT LEAST, 3 players on a party.

I agree with you on the costume part, a tittle, or any other reward is good, as long as there is one.

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I dont think improving the group finder will improve the way you can get people to play dungeons or farm levels. Why? Just look at the recruitment chat, isnt that busy, so is enough for current player base. And yep the dungeon finder is pretty hidden, and doesnt feel like is used by anyone. just a empty UI, so the chat suits better right now.

Yep, the hero system just is so OP. That doesnt help to find groups of solo, but is not only that, if you play with more people (random people) you have a really high chance of someone to start lagging, and all we have played this game know how bad the situation can get 5mins just on a round only waiting. Every mob turn 10-15s every character other 10-15s. Just bc with only 1 lagging, all start to lag. That's a really bad experience. And i dont think it should happen that way.
Putting some bonuses could help, but it goes against the hero system, which is main reason to buy the subscription so....idk change the main reason or look for other monetization models.

The other thing dungeons have all its mechanics hidden, why? it just make harder to new players.
I am in rubilax and trying to explain things in two languages is just awful. Put a book like the rift explaining how it works. I dont think anyone like to died several times just to discover how it works, is just a waste of time, waste of resources, and too little as achievement.

Well about the mentoring stuff. It is no funny to oneshot anything and see how others just pass turn. I would rather prefer an improvement in the level modulation system. Idk something better than the current modulation just for mentoring or something like that, where your allies can get more experience by using it to level up friends.

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first-curry#7554|2021-10-14 12:29:01
I dont think improving the group finder will improve the way you can get people to play dungeons or farm levels. Why? Just look at the recruitment chat, isnt that busy, so is enough for current player base. And yep the dungeon finder is pretty hidden, and doesnt feel like is used by anyone. just a empty UI, so the chat suits better right now.

Wouldn't making the group finder less hidden and unused literally be the main point of improving the group finder?
Also a group finder would be persistent, allowing people to just sign up and get invited later, instead of spamming recruitment chat every 5 minutes in hpes someone is looking at it at that moment.
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I think the group finder has a major flaw right now: It's not meant to be used at all at this state of the game. Lets point out the actual problems:

- Many players play solo(me included), so that excludes a great part of the playerbase from this system.
- The game gives you tools and incentives you to play exclusively solo

Maybe there is no solution for group finder, after all, not on the actual state of the game. I would say that they should just delete this system, one less thing to manage. 

But I do believe that there's some things that could happen, that made the game a little more friendly toward players that want to play on groups, while also making the group finder useful:

The inclusion of a server that's Monoaccount, just like dofus, but also, mono hero. This type of server would be already way different than we have right now. But as the game is, it would need many changes:

- An entire rebalance on dungeon mechanics: This needs to be checked. Some dungeons right now are not fun, there's so much mechanics that are not forgiving, many players just quit the game after a certain point just because of that.

- There would be a need to check on the balance. There are many slots that are fixed on Dungeon Ranking: Enus, Pandas, Elios and other classes are being used a lot. That's not bad, but when you go check the dungeon ranking, the situation that you see is that some classes are, if not only needed, MANDATORY. You will rarely see a party not bringing an Enu, since they can remove Res/PM like no other class. 

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Personally, I think a lot of people who play solo just play solo because they can't find a group.

And no, we don't have the population to start a new server, this is literally why the servers got merged, it would just split the population again.
I think they should just give a small bonus to players who play in a group depending on the number of unique players (not heroes or sidekicks)

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